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Alan Wake 2 ‘datamine’ reveals apparent alternate ending and DLC content

Several previously unseen videos from Alan Wake 2 have seemingly been datamined from the game, and may point to potential future DLC content.

The videos, which we won’t link to here, include text information that suggests they are planned for the upcoming New Game Plus mode that will be added to the game soon.

We won’t describe the new footage, as it includes major spoilers for the game, but it would materially transform the end of Alan Wake 2, suggesting that the upcoming New Game Plus mode may feature an entirely new conclusion.

Another set of videos also points to potential future DLC content for the game, which may further tie the game to the rest of the Remedy universe. This footage features Dr Darling, a side character in Remedy’s 2019 game, Control.

Remedy recently confirmed that Night Springs, the game’s first expansion, is set for release in late spring 2024.

The game’s second expansion, The Lakehouse, is yet to receive a release date. Based on the footage itself and the associated text, it’s likely that the leaked footage is from this second expansion.

Remedy also confirmed last week that Alan Wake 2 will receive a New Game Plus mode in a post-launch update, with “exact release timing still TBD.” The mode will enable players to retain all unlocked weapons and upgrades.

It will also introduce a fresh Nightmare difficulty level and a “new alternative narrative, including new Manuscript pages and new video content”. This new ‘leak’ seemingly features some of that video content.

VGC’s Alan Wake 2 review called it “a confident and often ground-breaking thriller” featuring brilliant writing, incredible visuals and genuine scares