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Cult 2005 FPS Boiling Point: Road to Hell is getting a modern re-release

Cult 2005 first-person shooter Boiling Point: Road to Hell is getting a re-release.

Originally developed by Deep Shadows and released on PC by Atari, the game has been made playable for modern set-ups and will be released on Steam and GOG on November 14.

The game is known for being one of the earlier examples of the open-world FPS genre, releasing a year after Far Cry.

It’s set in Realia, an open world with a 25km x 25km map, in which players can make use of cars, planes and boats to get around with no loading times.

At the time the launch version of the game was released to a mixed response, because it was extremely unstable and buggy.

This included a 2/10 score in Edge magazine, which called it “a cold and flawed sandbox shooter, a rudimentary RPG and, for most, an almost unplayable experience”.

The game was then patched and subsequent coverage was more positive, with GamesTM magazine calling it “a must-have, no questions asked” and saying: “Such ambition hasn’t been seen on the PC in God knows how long, and Atari has landed itself an absolute classic here.”

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The game’s description reads: “Originally released in 2005, Boiling Point: Road to Hell is back. Revisit this early pioneer in the open-world roleplaying FPS genre.

“Upon finding out his daughter has been kidnapped in the pseudo-South American country of Realia, Saul Myers, a veteran of the French Foreign Legion, must head to Realia on a rescue mission.

“Saul must navigate through the Realian Valley; a region full of tropical jungles, farms, villages, and estates. Saul now has to manage to make his way through the landscape while navigating through dicey situations with corrupt politicians and criminal organizations to find his daughter’s whereabouts.”