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SEAN HANNITY: Democrats need a plan B

FOX News host Sean Hannity says President Biden would get “blown out” by former President Donald Trump in 2024 if the current polls “hold.” He says Democrats’ best chance of winning is by campaigning against Trump, rather than on the issues. 

SEAN HANNITY: Welcome to ‘Hannity.’ And tonight, terrible news for Joe Biden. Hysteria and disbelief is now once again spreading all across the Democratic Party. With just one year until the 2024 presidential election, Biden is losing it to Donald Trump in nearly every single swing state in the country. Look at this New York Times poll. Trump is now up by four in Pennsylvania, five in Michigan, five in Arizona, six in Georgia, and he’s up by a whopping 10 points in the state of Nevada. Now, by the way, Kamala Harris fares even worse in a hypothetical match-up against Trump. But that’s not all. A new ABC News poll finding 76% of Americans now believe the country is headed in the wrong direction under Biden. What about the other 24%? What are they thinking? Are you better off than you were four years ago? Now, if these numbers hold, Biden won’t just lose. He would get blown out. And needless to say, the mob, the media, they are in a complete state of meltdown and panic. 

So some Democrats seemingly are starting to wake up. Former top adviser to Barack Obama, David Axelrod, is all but begging Joe Biden to step aside. On X, he questioned whether Biden’s reelection bid is good for the country. Meanwhile, Biden fanboy Billy Crystal, he tweeted, quote, It’s time to pass the torch to the next generation. It’s time for Biden to announce he won’t run in 2024. Now, more and more Democrats are now coming forward to state the obvious. Joe Biden is a failed president who is not up to the job. I challenge any of you out there who tell me one thing that he has done, one policy success he has had. He is weak, he is frail, and we all know he is a cognitive mess. 


In terms of both competency and results, Biden is the single worst president in the modern era. Now, the only election pitch from Democrats in 2024 is Donald Trump. 

This is what we see in case after case against Donald Trump. This is what happens when you have a weaponized Department of Justice, when our justice system is used as a political weapon. When we are criminalizing political differences. Yet Trump is still clobbering Biden in almost every battleground state in spite of all of this. And four arrests and four arraignments. Democrats, they may be needing a plan B. 

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