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Elon Musk says he’ll ‘look into’ PlayStation and Xbox removing Twitter integration

Elon Musk has said that he will “look into” why Xbox and PlayStation are no longer offering players the option to share content to X, formerly known as Twitter.

Until recently, both consoles – as well as the Nintendo Switch – allowed players to post their captured screenshots and videos directly to Twitter from their consoles.

However, Microsoft announced in April that it “had to” disable the feature, and earlier this week  Sony confirmed plans to do the same.

Although the reason for this hasn’t been officially stated, it may be related to sweeping changes to Twitter’s API which appear to be designed to make larger corporations on the platform pay significant amounts of money for access to the API.

On Tuesday, Twitter account X News Daily posted that X’s plans to be “a major streaming platform” will “be less convenient for console players” now that Xbox and PlayStation integration is gone.,

Replying to the post, Musk said: “I will look into this.”

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Both consoles previously offered players the ability to share their gameplay directly to the platform via integrated sharing options. Each platform does offer alternate ways to share gameplay footage,  but it involves extra steps.

Xbox users can upload their screenshots and game captures to the cloud, and can then download them on their PC or mobile, after which they can post them manually on X.

Similarly, PlayStation 5 owners can sync their console with the PlayStation App to get their screenshots and video captures on their phone, and share them that way.

Musk acquired Twitter in 2022, and has continually made modifications to the service. In one of his most criticised decision, the site removed verified status from most accounts, instead offering users “verified” status for a monthly fee.