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Sony says the latest PS5 update ‘improves system performance’

Sony Interactive Entertainment has rolled out a new PS5 system update.

Released on November 8, the Version 23.02-08.20.02 “system software update improves system performance”, according to the company’s patch notes.

PS5’s last system update before today, Version 23.02-08.20.00, was released last week.

It made Music in the control centre easier to use with a two-column layout that simplifies browsing, and introduced a voice command that lets users check for new PS5 features.

Sony is releasing a new PS5 model this month. Like the launch model, the new one will be available in standard and Digital editions.

According to the company, the new console has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and in weight by 18% and 24% respectively compared to the current one.

Unlike the launch model, the new PS5 Digital Edition will support an attachable Blu-ray disc drive, which can be purchased separately.

Sony says the latest PS5 update ‘improves system performance’

SIE senior vice president and head of global marketing Eric Lempel said in a recent interview that this will be the first Christmas shopping season that anyone who wants to buy a PS5 will be able to find one.

“Our outlook on PlayStation 5 is really strong,” he told Barron’s. “We’re expecting one of the strongest seasons in our history in terms of console sales.”