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GTA 6 Rumor Roundup: Setting, Protagonists, and Everything We Know Ahead of the Reveal Trailer

Since Take-Two Interactive publishes GTA games, given the popularity (and profitability) of the franchise, many people have reasonably concluded he is implying that GTA 6 will launch in time for the fiscal year of 2025 (which will start in April 2024 and last until March of 2025). However, odds are the game will launch in the later portion of that window, sometime in 2025, at least according to other reports and rumors.

GTA 6’s Development Time

Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed GTA 6‘s total development time, but there have been some pretty solid reports on that subject.

Most notably, one of Jason Schreier’s earlier Bloomberg articles suggested that GTA 6 has been in development since 2014. For whatever else it’s worth, former Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies previously told the outlet Develop that his studio didn’t know what they would do with GTA 6 as of 2013. However, Rockstar’s devs had “some ideas” at that time, which implies that the lion’s share of development hadn’t begun quite yet but that the team was already thinking about a sequel.

GTA 6 Platforms and Price

Given how many GTA 6 rumors, leaks, and reports we’ve been treated to so far, you’d think that the seemingly simple questions “Which platforms will GTA 6 release for?” and “How much will GTA 6 cost?” would be easy to answer. However, very little information has pointed to a solid answer to either of those questions.

Still, it’s impossible to imagine a world in which GTA 6 isn’t available on day one for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Furthermore, even though we did not technically get a major new GTA game for PS4 and Xbox One (aside from ports), it just doesn’t seem likely that GTA 6 will be available for either of those previous generation consoles. While releasing a version of GTA 6 for PS4 and Xbox One will undoubtedly be tempting given the size of their userbases, we’re too far into the next generation to consider those ports anything less than wishful thinking.

Whether GTA 6 will be available for PC at launch is the biggest 50/50 platform question at the moment. Historically, though, Rockstar’s biggest new releases are not made available for PC at launch. If the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn’t released until November 2019 (over a year after the console versions debuted), then it’s highly unlikely GTA 6 will get a day-one PC release. Again, the number of people who would buy the game for PC must be a tempting incentive, but Rockstar has historically preferred to put the finishing touches on PC ports of new games after their console debuts.

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