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Doom Patrol Ending Explained: Series Finale Bids Farewell to DC’s Strangest Heroes

Back in their native time period, the team seemingly stops this future from occurring by defeating the were-butts when they escape from the Ant Farm, a secret lab where the were-butts were weaponized. The team can hardly rest easy, however, when a cabal of supervillains steals the source of the heroes’ immortality to resurrect the omnipotent enemy Immortus. Rapidly aged to their natural physical states, the Doom Patrol faces another potential extinction-level event as Larry Trainor, the Negative Man, grows dangerously unstable, with the explosive energy within him powerful enough to wipe out all life on Earth.

The Final Battle Against Immortus and the Butts

With Rita’s advancing age placing her on her deathbed, the Doom Patrol confronts Immortus at a theater in the small Midwestern town of Cloverton, where the team had taken up residence. This coincides with the were-butts growing in number from a sole survivor that Robotman accidentally let escape from his freezer in the midseason finale. As the Doom Patrol faces Immortus in the theater, the were-butts storm their way inside, effectively making it a three-way confrontation.

Frustrated that her big moment is being derailed by the upstart were-butts, Immortus launches into a full song-and-dance number on stage, with the were-butts joining her as her cosmic power consumes the building. In the musical confusion, the Doom Patrol discreetly slip outside before they’re whisked away with the were-butts in the imploding theater. A grateful Immortus reappears and gives the team objects to consume to restore their youth before apparently departing for good.

Final Farewells

Though most of the heroes regain their youth in time to survive, Rita passes away peacefully from natural causes back in the comfort of her bedroom at Doom Manor. Rita’s ghost appears and assures her friends that she is comfortable and accepting of her death, instructing them to incinerate her corpse before crossing over to the afterlife. However, Rita isn’t the only member of the Doom Patrol to die in the series finale, with Cliff Steele, Robotman, dying in the episode’s final scene.

The entire last season, Cliff wanted to reunite with his daughter Clara and grandson Rory, complicated by his superhero commitments. As Cliff moves in with his family only to discover that his robotic body is beginning to fail him, realizing that his new lease on life was really just intended for him to die with his loving family around him. In his final moments, Cliff repairs a classic car with Clara and Rory only to have his and Rory’s life flash before his eyes, quietly deactivating as his life comes to a definitive end.

Happier Endings

At the start of Doom Patrol season 4, Vic Stone reclaims his humanity, apart from his superhero status as Cyborg, and reconnects with his childhood friend Deric. By the end of the season, Vic embraces his Cyborg alter ego and decides to help Deric’s students learn how to change the world in their own way. Rouge’s last scene is less inspirational, but no less cathartic, with the one-time supervillain launching a one-woman attack on the Ant Farm, gleefully armed with a flamethrower.

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