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  • Virat Kohli aces Border’s dialogues, fumbles hilariously when asked to complete Hollywood ones: ‘Kya bolna hai’. Watch | Bollywood News

Virat Kohli aces Border’s dialogues, fumbles hilariously when asked to complete Hollywood ones: ‘Kya bolna hai’. Watch | Bollywood News

Cricketer Virat Kohli has often entertained fans with not just his cricket but also his acting and mimicry. In a recent interview, the fun went notches higher as he flexed his knowledge of films and gave hilarious replies when asked to complete the famous dialogues of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

In a Star Sports interview, during a conversation with comedienne Sumukhi Suresh, Virat was asked to complete the dialogues. The first dialogue given to him was from the film Andaz Apna Apna, in which Shakti Kapoor’s character of crime master Gogo had become iconic. Completing the film’s dialogue, Virat said, “Ye kaun nahi janta India mein. Very easy (Who does’t know this in India). Very easy.”

The next dialogues given to him was from the 1995 Tom Hanks’s Hollywood film Apollo 13. Sumukhi said, “This is Houston, say again please…. and waited for Virat to complete it but a clueless Virat stared back at the host, until she prompted. She said, “Houston we have a problem”. To this, Virat gave a confused look and said, “Kya bolna hai?”

Virat then went on to effortlessly complete famous dialogues from films like Deewar and Don. Another tricky spot came when Sumukhi narrated the dialogue from the popular Star Wars franchise. She said, “May the…” hoping for Virat to say, “May the force be with you.”. Instead the cricketer said, “May the best team win!”, stating that this is what he is accustomed to in the world of cricket.

When Sumukhi pointed out that Virat’s knowledge of Bollywood is more than Hollywood, he said, “If you talk about ratio then I have watched Hindi films more, way more.”

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The rapid fire round ended with Virat saying a dialogue from his favourite film, the 1997 war drama Border. Virat quizzed Sumukhi this time around and said “Main sirf naam bolunga, ‘Mathura Das!’. She picked up a little late and gave context but couldn’t recalled the dialogue.

Virat, who is married to actor Anushka Sharma, then completed the dialogue and said, “Isspe pehle ki main tujhe goli maar dun! Dur hoja meri nazaron se“. The actor also went blank when he was given a dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. In his defence, he said, “Mereko yaad hai bas COOL ki chain aur basketball ka match. Aur kuch yaad nahi hai mujhe.”

The cricketer is currently in Bengaluru, preparing for India’s next match, in which he will be up against the Netherlands on Sunday.

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