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Fire erupted in apartment likely from short-circuit: fire brigade | Mumbai News

The fire which claimed the life of a 95-year-old senior citizen in Vile Parle erupted likely from a short circuit, said officials of Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB). They also maintained that the building’s inbuilt fire-fighting system got partially damaged during the incident and the deceased, Harshada Janardhan Pathak, was alone in her apartment when the incident took place.

“Pathak was home alone when the blaze broke out. She was possibly watching television, while the blaze erupted from the main entrance and spread inside the apartment. We found her body in the kitchen. So, it could be possible that she tried to have rushed there for safety but fell unconscious by inhaling smoke and suffered burn injuries,” said an MFB official.

The officials said that initially it was assumed that the fire must have erupted from a Diwali lamp (diya). However, no such element was found in the spot.

The officials said that even though the blaze erupted from short-circuit, the presence of combustible items like furniture and electrical appliances intensified the blaze. They said that the hose pipes installed in the building also caught fire.

“The fire extinguishing system inside the building proved to be inadequate during the operation. One of the hose pipes in the second floor where the incident took place also got damaged due to the fire,” said the official.

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According to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) disaster cell, the blaze erupted around 7.27 pm on Friday evening. The civic officials said the blaze erupted in flat number 201, which was on the second floor of the 12-storied building.

According to Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) officials, the blaze remained confined within the electrical installations inside the apartment.

Meanwhile, ahead of Diwali, the civic body has issued advisory to the citizens urging them to celebrate a safe Diwali. They have also said that citizens should wear only cotton clothes while lighting diyas and bursting crackers.
Earlier, on Friday, following the Bombay High Court’s order, municipal commissioner and state-appointed administrator, Iqbal Singh Chahal had appealed to citizens urging them to burst only eco-friendly crackers.

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