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  • Priyanka Chopra’s mom reveals her ‘apprehension’ before daughter married Nick Jonas: ‘Had a long discussion with him alone’ | Bollywood News

Priyanka Chopra’s mom reveals her ‘apprehension’ before daughter married Nick Jonas: ‘Had a long discussion with him alone’ | Bollywood News

Priyanka Chopra‘s mother Madhu Chopra has finally opened up about her daughter’s marriage and how she decided if Nick Jonas was the right partner for her. She shared that she had a detailed conversation with Nick before she made up her mind about him.

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Madhu shared that Nick is a “likable” guy and she liked him instantly. “We liked him immediately. He is a very likable person. Like how I had discussed with my husband, I had discussed with Nick also because you can’t get to know if the person is right for my daughter or not by seeing their face once, so my daughter had to choose. I had a nice long discussion with Nick alone to know how he is as a person. After that, I realised that he was just the right person for my daughter. He was what I wanted for Priyanka,” Madhu told Bollywood Hungama in an interview.

Madhu then opened up if she had any apprehensions before Priyanka tied the knot with Nick. She said that she never doubted Priyanka’s decision to marry someone who did not share the same background. “My daughter had studied abroad, so she has not felt any difference between white, black and brown. She studied abroad at a time when all these things (skin colour) was normalised. We were also with her so it was normalised for us as well. Our whole family was in America. These things are very normal in our family at least. So I was not worried about white or black, I never had an issue with colour.”

“I just kept feeling that she is going very far away from me. I had a bit of apprehension that she’ll be so far away but then I also felt that it is okay, we can always reach each other in fifteen hours,” she added.

Madhu then opened up about her journey from being a mother to a grandmother after the arrival of Priyanka and Nick’s daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. “Being a grandmother is the most beautiful thing on Earth. My first grandchild and I think I want to become a better person for her,” said Madhu.

When asked if Malti is a naughty child, Madhu said, “Not naughty, she’s a happy child.” Madhu also shared that the toddler “has the spark of both — Nick and Priyanka.”

Priyanka Chopra tied the knot with Nick Jonas in 2018 and welcomed their daughter Malti Marie via surrogacy in 2022.

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