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Sonic Roll is a new board game with co-op and solo play

A new board game based on Sonic the Hedgehog has been announced.

Sonic Roll will be released by Kess Entertainment in January 2024, and appears to be based on the Mega Drive / Genesis era Sonic games.

According to the game’s description, “you take on the role of Sonic, Tails, Amy, or Knuckles and work together to overcome Badniks, clear stages, and defeat Eggman”.

The game is reportedly suitable for players aged 14 and over – likely due to the complexity of the rules rather than any questionable content – and takes 30-60 minutes to play.

It’s also playable by 1-4 players, meaning anyone who can’t find teammates to play with will still be able to play it alone.

No further information is avaiable on the game, but those interested can sign up for updates on the game’s official website.

This isn’t the first video game themed board game released by Kess Entertainment. The company previously released Mega Man Adventures, a similar 1-4 player board game based on Capcom‘s series.

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It’s also released a board game based on manga series Spy x Family, as well as a ‘true crime podcast game’ called Murder We Wrote.

Sega executive Osamu Ohashi said earlier this month that he would like to see Sonic surpassing Mario in popularity one day.

“Simply put, we want to surpass Mario,” Ohashi said in an interview on Sega’s recruitment website. “Sonic is a game that was originally developed to compete with Mario, and it still hasn’t achieved that goal. Because we respect Mario, our goal is to catch up and surpass him.”