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Actor Pranitha Subhash on the balancing act of motherhood: ‘It has been a mix of crazy and beautiful days’ | Life-style News

Having appeared in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam films, Pranitha Subhash has managed to capture audiences with her versatility and multifaceted talent. But beyond the glitz and glamour, Pranitha advocates for various social causes and philanthropic initiatives.

Recently, the ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’ actor even embraced motherhood, calling it ‘an unpredictable journey’. As a spokesperson for the Almond Board of California in India, she emphasises the importance of fitness and nutrition to get her through the busiest and most stressful of days, as both a parent and an actor.

In an exclusive interview with, Pranitha speaks about the challenges she faced entering the entertainment industry, her approach to self-care, and the balancing act of being a new mother while maintaining a successful career.

On stardom

Pranitha reflects on the changing landscape of the film industry, acknowledging the increased competition and the surge of new content and talent. “There’s so much happening right now. But at the time when I entered the industry, it was actually a lot easier. My entry happened during a time when things were comparatively less saturated,” she says.

However, the only challenge she faced was from her parents. “It was much harder to convince them as both of them are doctors. We have a hospital in South Bangalore, and it was kind of implied that I had to take medicine,” Pranitha shares.

On trolling

Having been a target of trolls at various points in her career, Pranitha confesses that online trolling has not impacted her as deeply. She remains unfazed by trolling as long as she stands firm on her principles.

Festive offer

“I usually get trolled for things I strongly stand for — whether it is nationalism or Dharma. These are things celebrities usually don’t talk about, so obviously there are two sides to the coin, and the other side will use this against you. Now, we clearly know the mindset of someone online. It’s so easy today for anyone to just put out an opinion out there. But I don’t let it affect me because I feel strongly about the issue. And there’s a sea of people supporting you, which you get strength from,” she says.

On fitness

Pranitha highlights the importance of fitness in a career like hers that demands good health. She says, “It’s not that fitness is a recent addition. I believe it has always been a constant in my life. Whether it was post-marriage, before tying the knot, during the phase of expecting a baby, or throughout my career, the expectation has always been to prioritise feeling good. Staying active, fresh, and healthy has been a consistent goal. This commitment has stayed even during outdoor schedules, where I would make time for a run or use the hotel gym.”

However, now with a baby at home, she says that managing fitness has become more challenging. But Pranitha tries to make a conscious effort to incorporate it into her routine. Finding herself easily bored with a fixed workout routine, she prefers mixing things up.

“Whether it’s a morning run, a session of Pilates, or even a dance workout, I choose activities based on my mood for the day. I believe in doing what feels right at the moment — ensuring that each session is enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Recently, she found a unique way to stay active. “Attending a birthday party, I discovered a play zone with many activities. Picture this: carrying a baby, climbing stairs, and sliding down bouncy castles. It was so engaging that even though it was intended as fun, it turned into an impromptu workout.”

The emphasis, she believes, lies not just in physical activity but also in proper nutrition.

“Today, many individuals, particularly in the entertainment industry, overlook the importance of a balanced diet, often resorting to extreme measures like starvation to achieve a certain body type. So, tackling this lack of nutritional awareness and ensuring the right dietary choices has become a critical aspect of my fitness journey,” she shares.

On motherhood

Addressing the challenges of being a new mother, Pranitha admits that it has been a mix of crazy and beautiful days. “Navigating the delicate balance between motherhood and a demanding career has been a significant challenge, especially during the pregnancy period,” she says.

However, amidst the complexities, she found herself engrossed in noteworthy projects. “I am going to feature in a gritty and unconventional film — a departure from the vibrant, commercial movies I’ve been a part of. There’s also an exciting venture in a Kannada film coming up, I signed a couple of years ago.”

On personal style

Pranitha believes her style lies in stark contrast with what one sees her wear on the red carpet. “At home, you’ll likely find me in a comfortable pair of jeans or shorts — casual and laid-back.”

When it comes to fashion advice for the younger generation, she advocates for authenticity. “It’s about finding what resonates with you, whether that’s embracing minimalism or going all out with vibrant and eclectic choices. Fashion is a personal expression, so wear what makes you happy. The key is to be true to yourself and embrace what works for you.”

On skincare

For Pranitha, her skincare journey has been a gradual exploration of active ingredients that have gained popularity in beauty circles.

In the morning, she notes the necessity of sunscreens, especially when using active ingredients. She highlights the shift in the industry, where high-definition cameras negate the need for excessive makeup. “Instead, I opt for a light application of sunscreen and moisturiser as a base, followed by a little foundation to conceal the pollution-induced breakouts.”

She also experiments with DIY treatments. “Recently, I tried the Korean rice face pack for a subtle fresh-looking glow. The amount of online resources and home remedies have helped me perfect my skin game.”

Balancing a thriving career with healthy skin, Pranitha admits has been a challenge. “I go for a minimalistic approach, letting my skin breathe rather than resorting to quick fixes.”

On self-care

Taking care of oneself, according to Pranitha, is not necessarily about indulging in lengthy and leisurely baths, as often portrayed. “Instead, it revolves around a holistic approach to overall well-being, with a focus on nutrition.”

Drawing from her background, having a gynaecologist as her mother, she highlights the importance of consuming foods rich in iron, protein, and good fats. One of her well-known self-care practices involves starting the day with a handful of almonds. While she acknowledges it’s no secret, she advocates this simple habit, especially for girls dealing with vitamin deficiencies. “The almonds serve a dual purpose, acting as both a snack to avoid overeating and a source of essential nutrients, given my vegetarian diet.”

Aside from nutritional habits, Pranitha notes the importance of regular exercise, recognising that it needs to be a daily commitment. “Tools like phone apps that count steps help me achieve my goal of getting 5,000 steps a day.”

Moreover, Pranitha underscores the significance of grooming to enhance one’s appearance. “Staying up to date with grooming routines and fashion not only makes you look better but feel better too. It can instantly elevate your mood.”

Advice to aspiring actors

In Pranitha’s view, aspiring actors are entering the industry at an opportune time, marked by a significant shift in the entertainment landscape. “The abundance of content platforms has transformed the industry, offering a diverse range of opportunities. Gone are the days when conforming to a conventional hero image was a prerequisite. Today, authenticity and relatability take precedence, allowing people from different backgrounds to find their niche.”

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Reflecting on her entry into the industry, she notes the evolving dynamics where commercial success isn’t solely confined to traditional blockbuster formats. “The audience now embraces a variety of genres and narratives, appreciating the real and relatable over the formulaic hero-centric stories of the past.”

According to Pranitha, the rise of social media has further democratised the process, making it easier for newcomers to connect with audiences directly. “Unlike the past, where recognition often came after a movie’s release, today’s interconnected landscape allows for immediate feedback and recognition, bridging the gap between aspiring actors and their audience.”

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