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The TVA Show: What a Potential Loki Spinoff Could Look Like

This article contains spoilers for Loki season 2

Loki season 2 has come to an end with the titular villain-turned-hero taking his place as the God of Stories and becoming the guardian of the Temporal Loom a.k.a the threads of the entire multiverse. Whereas Loki’s first season assured fans that the show and its cast of characters would be returning for another round, season 2 ended with no such promises. Now we’re left to wonder when or if we’ll get to see the TVA and its merry band of misfits again.

So far, the powers that be aren’t ready to fully confirm or deny whether or not we’ll get a third season of Loki, but one of the show’s producers Kevin Wright has said that “season one and season two [of Loki] were always conceived as two chapters of the same book. We want to close this book and I think there’s a lot more books on the shelf, though.” 

According to Wright, he and the creative team behind Loki are currently thinking of ways to continue telling stories connected to the TVA and Loki, telling Entertainment Weekly that “We built a really awesome team, and if Loki is Breaking Bad, maybe there’s a way for this team to keep telling stories with our version of Better Call Saul — whether that’s with Sylvie, with the TVA, or with a new Loki. But we only want to do that if we have the right story and it can be just as fulfilling as this one. After all, you can’t be the God of Stories if you’re not going to tell more stories.”

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