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Wonder Woman job listing suggests it may be a live service game

A new job listing for the upcoming Wonder Woman game suggests it may have a live service element.

As spotted by Wccftech, the new job ad is for ‘Lead Software Engineer, Gameplay’ at Monolith Productions, and makes it clear that the role will involve working on the Wonder Woman game.

“Join the Wonder Woman team and help bring an iconic DC Superhero to life,” the listing reads.

While the job requirements list the typical experience expected from an applicant looking to work on a triple-A game, one of the qualities in the “nice to haves” section refers to live services.

Specifically, the listing says applicants may have the edge if they have “experience helping maintain a live software product or game”.

Although this doesn’t conclusively confirm that Wonder Woman will have a live service component, were it to do so it wouldn’t be a great surprise.

It would also line up with comments made last week by Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who said the company was focused on turning its biggest gaming franchises into live service games.

Speaking during the company’s latest earnings call, Zaslav discussed plans to transform franchises like “Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, DC, which is mainly Batman today, and Mortal Kombat,” which he sees as individual billion-dollar gaming franchises, into service games.

“Our focus is on transforming our biggest franchises from largely console and PC based with three-four year release schedules to include more always on gameplay through live services, multiplatform and free-to-play extensions with the goal to have more players spending more time on more platforms,” Zaslav said.

Wonder Woman was announced at the 2021 Game Awards with a brief teaser trailer, but little has been shared about the game since.

Warner Bros. has confirmed, however, that the game will use the same patented Nemesis system from the Middle-earth games.