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Doctor Who: Iconic Character Returns in Children In Need Special

Julian Bleach Is Back As Davros!

Bleach played Davros, creator of the Daleks, back in both 2008 and 2015, and he returned in humanoid form to witness his underling Mr Castavillan (Rizwan) introduce his prototype for the Dalek race:

The Fourteenth Doctor Arrived – And He’s Only Just Regenerated

When The Doctor crash-landed on the scene, accidentally damaging the as-yet-unnamed Dalek prototype as he does so, some of his first words reveal just how recent this scene occurs after the end of The Power of The Doctor: “60 minutes ago, I was this really brilliant woman”.

The Doctor Had a Hand in Creating – And Naming – The Daleks

To make up for damaging the prototype’s “multi-dextrous claw”, The Doctor gives Castavillain a plunger to use, creating the Dalek’s iconic arm stick:

And, after Castavillain struggled to think of a suitable anagram of Kaled to name his new prototype (“Lekad, Adlek, Klaed…”) The Doctor accidentally named them himself after recognising they were Daleks:

There Was A Distinctly RTD Style To The Scene

Many fans saw this as a welcome return to the mad stylings of showrunner Russell T Davies:

David Tennant Is Back In Style

There was widespread praise for Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor, and a feeling that he still possesses his special brand of Doctor Who magic:

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