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  • Sushmita Sen denies dumping first boyfriend after hitting big-time, admits she ‘outgrew’ him: ‘I was the best man at his wedding’ | Bollywood News

Sushmita Sen denies dumping first boyfriend after hitting big-time, admits she ‘outgrew’ him: ‘I was the best man at his wedding’ | Bollywood News

Sushmita Sen, who is currently basking in the success of the third season of her hit web-series Aarya, recently opened up about her past relationships. The actor revealed that contrary to the popular popular belief that she dumped her first boyfriend Rajat Tara soon after she became Miss India in 1994, the decision to separate was mutual. She also revealed that they remain on excellent terms, and that she was the “best man” at his wedding in Serbia.

“Rajat Tara. He is actually one of the nicest… I am actually so glad that he was my first boyfriend, because the generosity of this man, to this day… He is the father of this beautiful little girl, I was the ‘best man’ at his wedding. He is married to a Serbian lady and she is divine, she wanted me there. Everything about this wedding was special. I went to Belgrade (the capital city of Serbia) for the wedding,” Sushmita shared in an interview with mid-day.

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Sushmita added that she didn’t ‘dump’ Rajat, but admitted that she ‘outgrew’ him. “And a man like that, you can’t dump, you just outgrow sometimes. I had outgrown him and he had realised that. He had said to me, ‘I have sat with you and dreamt with you, not so that you end up with me. Go and live your life’. We remain friends. There are no regrets there. To this day, he is the person I’ll call, no matter where he is in the world, and he’ll answer my call and say, ‘Kaun tang kar raha hai, aaun kya? (Who is bothering you, should I come?)’. I’ve been very blessed.”

During the interview, Sushmita also shared that Rajat was the person who supported her in her Miss India endeavour. She said, “I was barely 17, 18 and Rajat must have been 23, so he’d been my rock solid supporter, and I love this man.”

Sushmita has openly discussed her love life in public, but has not always revealed who she is dating. She has been linked once again with her former boyfriend Rohman Shawl, after announcing last year that they’d broken up. She was then also linked with business tycoon and former IPL chairman Lalit Modi after he shared a post on social media about a vacation they took together in July 2022.

Sushmita was then asked if anyone she has dated in the past ever felt intimidated by her, to which she replied by saying, “That’s a problem I did face at some point but never in a way that… the minute I see that a man is intimidated by me, I don’t like it anymore. I don’t like him because they lack security. If you are going to love a woman like me, you have to love yourself.”

She added, “It has to be someone who is happy to do that (clap) for me. And not to tie me back, hold me back, tie me down and say I don’t like that and I don’t like this. I don’t know, I love my freedom too much and which is why I encourage other people. I tell them, just do your thing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even with the man, in the relationship, I want him to fly. I’d love to give him company when he does that, but I don’t want him to tie himself down to me, I don’t want to be tied down to him. Because if we are going in the same direction, we each have our own wings. The problem is if we are going in different directions, then it’s better to walk away.”

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