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  • ‘Silent wave in BJP’s favour, our manifesto addresses all sections’: Telangana BJP chief | Elections News

‘Silent wave in BJP’s favour, our manifesto addresses all sections’: Telangana BJP chief | Elections News

Telangana BJP president and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy on Monday said since the party released its manifesto for the state Assembly polls, it has been getting “good response” from the public, which has intensified its campaign.

“Our comprehensive manifesto has caught the attention of various sections of people, especially the oppressed and marginalised communities. There is a silent wave in BJP’s favour,” Reddy said, adding that senior party leaders are participating in the campaign to boost the chances of its local candidates.

Speaking to media persons, Reddy said the manifesto has drawn the attention of several sections to the party, particularly among Dalits and other oppressed sections of society. “The BRS has failed to implement its promises to the people made in the last two elections. People are preventing their campaign vehicles from entering villages. They are asking BRS leaders why no Dalit has become the CM, besides questioning them on loan waivers, problems with Dharani land registration portal, unfilled government job openings, etc. That the BRS government will be dislodged is a certainty, the change is visible. We are confident of coming to power,” said Reddy, adding that both the BRS and the Congress have failed to address the people’s aspirations.

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“The Congress was responsible for the deaths of 369 students in the first phase of the Telangana agitation, and 1,200 students and youths in the second phase. People don’t trust the Congress over its guarantees, as it has failed to implement them in both Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. It’s not committed to Telangana’s development,” he charged.

Stating that the BJP will stand by its word, Reddy said the party has withstood international pressure on Article 370 and the triple talaq issue. “We have addressed all sections in our manifesto. We will extend good governance with transparency to the people of Telangana. While the Congress looted the state in the name of the Jala Yagnam, the BRS did so in the name of the Kaleshwaram irrigation project. Once we come to power, we’ll order inquiries by retired Supreme Court judges in all corruption cases in the state,” said Reddy, adding that “double engine” government is the need of the hour for speedy development of national highways, healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Festive offer

“The BRS government was unable to pay wages on the first of every month. It could not run without selling liquor or land. If Congress comes to power, the state will completely collapse. It was only PM Modi’s government that has been offering 80,000-1 lakh jobs to the unemployed every month. We’ll commence filling jobs in a transparent manner within six months of coming to power, pay Rs 3,100 MSP on paddy, offer Rs 18,000 subsidy on fertilisers, extend Rs 2,500 as input subsidy to every farmer, as well as a local breed cow. We will cancel reservations based on religion, as they are against the Constitution. We’ll also reduce VAT on petrol and diesel,” Reddy said.

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