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Hogwarts Legacy returns to the top of the UK physical charts following Switch release

Hogwarts Legacy has returned to the top of the UK physical game charts, following the release of its Switch version.

The game was comfortably Europe’s best-selling game in the first half of 2023, following its release on February 10.

However, its sales have naturally dropped as the months have gone on, meaning it’s no longer troubled the top of the UK charts – last week it came in at number 8.

This has now changed with the release of the Switch version on November 14, which has bumped the game back to the number 1 spot, as reported by

The game’s return to the top means last week’s best-selling physical game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has to settle for second place following a week-on-week sales drop of around 40% (as reported by’s Chris Dring on X).

The knock-on effect has bumped EA Sports FC 24 down from second to third, while Spider-Man 2 remains in fourth and Super Mario Wonder drops to fifth.

The two new entries in the top 10 this week are Super Mario RPG at number 6, and Bluey: The Video Game at number 7.

As ever, it should be noted that these are physical game charts, meaning digital sales aren’t taken into account.

Comparison videos released over the past week suggest that Hogwarts Legacy runs “reasonably well” on Switch compared to other versions, and “could have been far worse”.

It was noted, however, that the Switch version no longer has a seamless open world, with load times of 30-50 seconds when passing into certain areas and entering some buildings.

Hogwarts Legacy’s original release came amid significant controversy surrounding book author JK Rowling’s publicly-stated views on transgender rights.

Despite performing well, the game was boycotted by some Harry Potter fans due to public comments from Rowling perceived by many to be transphobic (for a full breakdown of the situation, we recommend this article by Glamour).