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Ayodhya admin’s latest project — a music album retelling 11 stories from Lord Ram’s life | Lucknow News

DURING HIS public meetings, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath often speaks about how the BJP-led governments at the Centre as well as in Uttar Pradesh and other states are working in the direction of realising “Ram Rajya”. Soon, people across the country and abroad will get to know more about “Ram Rajya” and other significant stories of Lord Ram’s life — as a king or in exile — through a music album.

A total of 11 important stories of Lord Ram’s life would be depicted in the album, senior officials in the Ayodhya district administration said on Wednesday. The album would have 11 segments and writer-poet Yatindra Mishra has been tasked with identifying the stories to be depicted, officials said.

A decision regarding the album project was taken after two rounds of meetings of the Ayodhya Conservation and Development Fund, headed by the Divisional Commissioner.

The plan is to rope in well-known composers and singers for the project, which would be funded in public private partnership mode.

Ayodhya Commissioner Gaurav Dayal told The Indian Express, “We are identifying 11 most important stories of Lord Ram’s life and are preparing to collaborate with renowned music directors, composers and artists to turn the 11 stories into 11 episodes of a music album.”

Festive offer

Dayal added, “We are inviting artists to contribute. Their contribution can also be on a cost-to-cost basis. We are also looking for people to sponsor the album.”

He said that the process may take around two months and the album would be ready to be released after the inauguration of the Ram Temple, scheduled to be held on January 22, 2024.

Sources said officials are trying to reach out to renowned composers such as A R Rahman, for the album. “The idea is to promote Ayodhya as a brand from a tourism point of view and at the same time, have theme-based music that can narrate the life of Lord Ram,” said Goyal.

Ayodhya District Magistrate Nitish Kumar said, “Modalities are being worked out. We are getting in touch with composers, singers and other renowned names. While we have some funds, the rest will be arranged through Corporate Social Responsibility or through sponsors.”

As light and sound shows are often planned in Ayodhya during Deepotsav and other events, sources said once the music album is composed, it would become a regular part of musical shows in Ayodhya as one of the many tourist attractions that have been planned for the city.

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