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  • Gujarat cop saves senior citizen from being crushed under train | Surat News

Gujarat cop saves senior citizen from being crushed under train | Surat News

Tuesday was an usual day at work for Lok Rakshak Dal constable Veerabhai Rabari (32), who is on patrol duty at Vapi railway station. Little did he know that by the end of the day, his department would be on way to recommended his name for a bravery award for saving the life of a senior citizen who fell down while crossing railway tracks when a train was approaching.

According to Vapi Government Railway Police, Rabari was on patrol duty around 6 pm on Tuesday when 65-year-old Shyamlal, accompanied by his son, got down on the tracks from platform 1 to cross over to platform 2.

While the son managed to cross the tracks and reach platform 1, Shyamlal fell on the tracks at the same time the Bandra Surat Intercity Express to Mumbai was entering the platform.

Rabari, who saw Shyamlal fall, got down on the tracks from platform 1 and pulled the senior citizen off from the railway line. Though the loco pilot immediately applied brakes seeing Shyamlal on the tracks, he could not control the speed of the train, Rabari later said.

“I was confident that if I acted with speed, I could pull the elderly man and save his life,” he added. Once he climbed on to the platform with Shyamlal, Rabari was applauded by a tensed crowd at the station.

Festive offer

Nobody was injured in the incident. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media since.

“After getting CCTV camera footage of the incident, we called up Veerabhai and congratulated him. Our policeman has put his life in danger and saved the life of a passenger. We will, in the coming days, felicitate him and also write to the DGP recommending him for bravery award,” Railway GRP Superintendent of Police Sarojini Kumari said.

Shyamlal and his son had come down from Silvassa to catch a train to their native in Rajasthan. After reaching platform 2, they learnt that their train would arrive on platform 1 and hence, climbed down on to the tracks to cross over to the opposite side.

A Commerce graduate, Rabari lives with his wife and 10-month-old daughter in Vapi. He has been serving the Gujarat Police for the last five years as a Lok Rakshak and has been posted at Vapi GRP office for eight months. He hails from Karadi village in Surendranagar district.

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