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IIT Placements: 99% of IIT-Goa students placed | Education News

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Goa is one of the most recent IITs to be established in the country. Located at Farmagudi, Ponda, the institute was established in 2016 on a temporary campus housed at Goa Engineering College (GEC).

In the first three years, IIT Goa offered 30 seats each in BTech in the streams of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. IIT Goa now offers 150 seats in BTech in Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics and Computing. Apart from these, it also offers some seats each in MTech in the same streams and some in Doctorate as well.

The institute has since then had one successful year of IIT placements of BTech 2019-2023 academic batch. The batch observed 99 per cent successful placement.

IIT Goa's placement statistics of the 2019-2023 BTech batch. IIT Goa’s placement statistics of the 2019-2023 BTech batch. (Graphic by Abhishek Mitra)

The batch had a total of 136 students. Among the 105 registered BTech students, 104 received placement offers, with an average package of Rs 17.19 LPA (Lakh per annum).

In Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering, 100 per cent students were placed. In CSE, 34 students out of a batch of 45 registered and got placed. Similarly, in Electrical Engineering, 24 students out of a batch of 24 registered and got placed. In BTech MnC too, all of 19 students who registered out of a batch of 25 students were placed.

Festive offer

Mechanical Engineering was the only batch which did not achieve 100 per cent placement success. Out of a batch of 34 students, 28 registered and 27 students got placed.

As per the information provided by the institute, a total of six students secured international job offers from companies such as Accenture Japan, Willings, and Linkstaff. A total of seven international companies had participated.

The average CTC for BTech was Rs 17.19 lakh per annum, and the highest CTC was Rs 60 lakh per annum.


A total of 126 companies participated in the placement process for the academic year 2022-23. These companies offered job opportunities across various domains such as Software Engineering, Product Management, Research and Development, and Research Engineering, consultancy and analytics roles, among others.

Some of the top companies that offered full-time jobs included Media.Net, Amazon, Trilogy Innovation (Codenation), Paytm, ARM, Siemens, Mathworks, Mentor Graphics, Texas Instruments, AMD, Google, Intuit, Adobe, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank, GE Aerospace, Wabtec Corporation, and Oyo Rooms.

(The IIT placement is part of a series by The Indian Express where we bring to you the five-year placement record of a course offered by a top engineering college. This will help JEE aspirants choose the course /IIT of their choice.)

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