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Best Gaming Gifts to Buy on Black Friday 2023

Buy the Zelda Hylian Shield here

First4Figures Sonic the Hedgehog Collector’s Statue

Sonic’s games may sometimes waver in quality, but his vibes certainly don’t. The folks over at First4Figures are known for high-quality collectibles across several major franchises, and this one for the fastest hedgehog alive is no different. It’s a simple pose—Sonic readying himself for a record-breaking sprint—and the checkpoint marker is a nice touch.

It’s the classic Sonic design rather than the modern one, which again feels timely given the recent release of Sonic Superstars. First4Figures also has some other Sonic designs, including one featuring Sonic in his iconic pose from Sonic Adventure, so keep an eye out.

Buy the Sonic Collector’s Statue here

Mega Man NES Cartridge

Every gift guide needs a wild card pick, and this is exactly that. While the blue bomber has taken all kinds of shapes and forms over the decades, this recommendation goes back to basics. What makes this NES cartridge so special? The North American release of the original Mega Man not only kicked off one of the most important and popular game series of all time but it also had one of the most heinous box covers of all time.

Mega Man is usually made to look like a cartoonish young lad, even to this day. But the cover for this one was almost a parody, with a regular-looking man seemingly perplexed that he’s even there to begin with. The face is so ugly it actually kind of rules. The box art is so infamous, in fact, that this version of Mega Man was even made a playable character in 2012’s Street Fighter X Tekken. It’s a creative, hilarious gift for all the Mega Man fans out there.

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