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Best LEGO Gifts to Buy on Black Friday 2023

Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 75192

Han Solo’s trusty piece of junk ship, the Millennium Falcon, isn’t just one of the most famous spaceships in the galaxy far, far away; it’s one of the most famous spaceships in human history. The iconic vessel has been made many times in LEGO form, but none more prominent than 75192. Part of the Ultimate Collectors Series (UCS) banner, this 7,541-piece behemoth is the largest LEGO Star Wars set ever. Fans can recreate iconic scenes from the Original Star Wars Trilogy but also have the option to swap out the minifigures and radar dish to match characters from the newer Sequel Trilogy. The UCS Millennium Falcon is the ultimate prize for any LEGO collector, a set worthy of its spot in the pantheon of LEGO greatness.

Buy the Millennium Falcon LEGO set here

Marvel Venomized Groot 76249

The adorable recreation of baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) was one of the most popular LEGO sets released in 2022. However, the follow-up set this year may surprise you. LEGO opted to Venomize everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic tree, mixing him with another iconic Marvel alien. 76249, Venomized Groot, is a perfect blend of the clashing styles, providing a cute yet deadly little extraterrestrial figure perfect for spicing up any Marvel display.

Buy the Venomized Groot LEGO set here

Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

If you possess the ultimate vehicle for the light side, you’re going to want something from the dark side to balance out your collection. That’s where 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer storms in. The 43-inch long, 4784-piece monster will instantly become the intimidating centerpiece of any LEGO Star Wars display. While the beast looks like a lot of gray bricks on the outside, the interior designs provide builders with an intricate array of colorful technic pieces designed to capture the iconic triangular design. The Ultimate Collectors Series Imperial Star Destroyer will have your LEGO Rebel figures shaking in their boots.

Buy the Imperial Star Destroyer LEGO set here

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