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Invincible Season 2 Just Set the Series’ Endgame in Motion Already

While we’ve seen glimpses of these Viltrumites before, this installment properly introduces us to Lucan, Thula, and a third bespectacled guy whose name sounds like it might be “Vynor.” (sorry, I couldn’t find any comic precedent for him). The trio make quick work of the Thraxans with one noting that they’re a particularly easy species to kill and even successfully take down Mark and Nolan. Poor Mark doesn’t know how to fight like a Viltrumite yet and it shows.

He’ll have to learn soon though as when a Viltrumite general named “Kregg” arrives to haul Nolan off to be executed he informs Mark that he’ll be given Nolan’s old post on Earth. He is to soften up his fellow Earthlings and get them ready to be conquered by an invading Viltrumite crew. This proves to be a real escalation in the threat presented by the Viltrumites. It was only last season that we even discovered planet Viltrum’s whole deal and now a mere four episodes later they’re almost ready for a full War of the Worlds scenario.

This all might seem sudden for a series that reportedly has five or six more seasons planned but things truly do move quickly in the world of Invincible.

There’s Something Up with Donald Ferguson

One of Invincible season 2’s biggest mysteries thus far has been the inexplicable survival of Global Defense Agency drone and Cecil Stedman’s right hand man, Donald Ferguson (Chris Diamantopoulos). If you recall, back in season 1 Donald died about as thoroughly as a human being can possibly die: Omni-Man tore out his spine and then he blew up.

And yet, here Donald is in season 2, no worse for the wear. Donald first got the sense that something was up when Debbie Grayson (Sandra Oh) reacted to him with shock and horror. He then find his own mangled glasses in the blast zone of the Omni-Man wreckage. In this episode his suspicions are finally confirmed when he accesses Cecil’s account at the GDA and discovers video footage of his own death.

Further investigating the matter, Donald takes a knife to his arm and is relieved to discover that he bleeds like any old human but equally alarmed to realize that the knife crumbled on contact with his arm. So what’s the deal? Is Donald a cyborg? A clone? Some unholy combination of the two? The comics have the answer to that if you’d like to check it out over here.

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