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Stay Kunbi certificates to Marathas, scrap Shinde panel, demands Bhujbal | Mumbai News

Maharashtra minister and senior OBC leader Chhagan Bhuj-bal took a tough stand against his own government on Sunday by demanding a stay on the Kunbi certificates given to Marathas over the past two months and scrappi-ng of the Justice (retired) Sandeep Shinde Committee for-med to explore ways to provide reservation to the Maratha community.

Speaking at the second OBC Elgar rally at Hingoli, Bhujbal said, “I want to tell the state Backward Classes Commission (BCC) that survey of Maratha community alone cannot be done to prove its social backwardness. If you want to fix that, you must study the backwardness of all communities… only then compare it with the Marathas.”
Questioning the actions of his own government of giving over 13,000 Kunbi certificates to Marathas, Bhujbal demanded immediate cancellation of those, saying as the process to award them has not been transparent.

“The Shinde Committee was asked to repeat this exercise across the state. We demand that the committee should be disbanded right away,” he said.

The committee was formed after Maratha activist Manoj Jarange Patil’s hunger strike and the community’s agitation for reservation in September turned violent, leading to a police lathicharge. It was assigned with identifying the process to give Kunbi certificate to Marathas and which documents can be considered as an evidence for the same. In the second phase of his agitation, Patil went on fast-unto-death when the committee submitted its interim report and over 13,000 certificates were given.

Bhujbal has now questioned his own government and the speed at which it was done. “The number increased from 5,000 to 13,000 in one day. How did it happen? All those certificates given in two months should be stayed immediately,” he demanded.

Festive offer

Attacking his own government as to whether it would take action against those Maratha activists who are banning the entry of elected representatives in villages, Bhujbal said, “I am showing this (paper) to police and to the government. If anyone dares to stop anybody from entering the village then that person can be jailed for a month. Is the government going to take action? Are the police going to take action? What is the use of the Constitution? Article 19 of the Indian Constitution gives us the freedom to move. Nobody can stop anyone from entering. The sign boards must be removed.”

The senior OBC leader in the cabint also claimed that one of the colleagues of Jarange Patil, named Bendre, was arrested by police and the FIR says that the gun recovered from him matches with the bullets fired at Jalna’s Antarwali-Sarati village after which police resorted to lathicharge. “That person was not kept under police custody for a day and was sent directely to judicial custody. How can anyone except of justice,” he asked.

“We are not against the Maratha community. We support giving reservation to MArathas. But give them independently. Do not include them in the OBC category,” he said.

Bhujbal compared the representation of Marathas in government jobs with the OBCs, saying the Marathas already outnumber others. He said that the Maratha community gets funds worth thousands of crores and other facilities from the government, while the OBCs are yet to get rightful funds.

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