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Congress moves EC against ‘vitriolic, defamatory’ attacks on Gandhis by PM Modi, Amit Shah | Elections News

Saying it was “high time” the Election Commission took action, the Congress on Tuesday submitted a complaint to the poll panel against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s remarks on the Gandhi family, including the PM’s recent speech referring to Rahul Gandhi as “murkhon ke sardar”.

The Congress complaint said the speeches by Modi and Shah were “false, derogatory and vitriolic”.

“These provocative statements are being made deliberately as part of a consistent pattern of personal, unproven and baseless attacks made against the Gandhi family since 2013. Not once since then has the Hon’ble Commission stepped in to correct the discourse and take action against these offenders. It is high time that the Hon’ble Commission enforce its mandate against the individuals in question who are habitual offenders in this regard. No matter how high they may be, no individual is above the law in a democracy governed by the Constitution of India and the law must apply to all equally,” the Congress said.

Referring to three speeches delivered during the ongoing state elections, the Congress said these were violations of the Model Code of Conduct and the EC’s May 2, 2023 advisory to parties to maintain dignity in campaigning.

The Congress cited the Prime Minister’s speech in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, on November 14, when referring to Rahul, he said: “Ek mahagyani Congress ke keh rahe the ki aap sab ke paas, Made in China mobile phone hota hai. Arre murkhon ke sardar, kis duniya mein rehte hain yeh log? [A Congress wiseman was saying that you all have Made in China mobile phones. O, leader of fools! Which world do these people live in?]”

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The complaint also cited two speeches by Amit Shah. On November 22 in Pali, Rajasthan, the Home Minister said: “Congress party aur Gandhi parivar, Bharat ki rajniti ke rahu aur ketu hai. Bharat ke bhavishya par, jitne bhi grahan aaye, yeh Gandhi parivar aur Congress ke kaaran hi aaye hain. [The Congress and Gandhi family are inauspicious for Indian politics. All eclipses on India’s future happened because of the Gandhi family and Congress].”

Referring to Rahul and his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Shah said on October 28 in Chhindwara, MP, that the siblings had been asking voters if there has been any progress under the Modi government. He went on: “Aap dono ko samajh main nahi aayega. Jinke mool Bharat main lage hain na, unn hi ko samajh main aayega. Jinke mool Italy main lage hain, unko samajh main nahi aayega. [You two will not understand it. Those whose origins are in India will understand. Those whose origins lie in Italy will not understand.]”

The Congress said the EC had recently issued notices to two senior Congress leaders for their speeches. “In neither of these cases where notices were issued were the statements anywhere close to the level of vitriol demonstrated by the examples,” it said.

The party submitted two other complaints to the EC on Tuesday — one alleging violation of the ban on campaigning during the silence period in Telangana by BRS, and the other seeking action against Balaghat district election officer Girish Kumar Mishra for allegedly “tampering with postal ballots”. On Monday, a video of officials in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, sorting postal ballots in a strongroom went viral.

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