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‘Esports will be acknowledged on par with traditional sports:’ HP India’s Vickram Bedi | Technology News

With gaming participation soaring in India, HP appears firmly positioned to ride and empower the esports wave. In an exclusive interview with, Vickram Bedi, Senior Director of Personal Systems at HP India, spoke optimistically about gaming industry growth and HP initiatives supporting gamers.

When asked about educating sceptical parents, Bedi shared HP research showing improving parental perceptions – 42% now approve gaming as a hobby and 47% see gaming as a career option, up from 32% in 2021. “As the industry grows, we are seeing many inspiring stories of gamers making a career in esports and through our campaigns, we want to highlight these stories to the world,” he expressed.

When a career in gaming is considered, people picture a job that involves sitting behind a screen glued to a video game for hours. But competitive gaming is just one of the many careers in the field. Like any other industry, there are a bunch of people who work behind the scenes to keep esports operations running smoothly.

“Numerous opportunities have emerged in areas such as content creation, streaming, and event organisation. This landscape now enables gamers to explore diverse roles,” said Bedi. He highlighted how gamers now build brands and followers beyond just gameplay skills.

“According to our study, gamers are earning the most from sponsorships. This trend underscores the increasing acknowledgement of gamers as influential figures capable of connecting with large and diverse audiences. Gamers are forging careers by excelling in gameplay but also by building a distinctive personal brand and producing engaging content,” he added.

Festive offer

Supporting aspiring gamers seeking such roles, HP launched its Gaming Garage program last year – free online courses in esports management and game design. “There is strong demand among gamers for workshops and courses to enhance skills. This underscores a need for tailored educational opportunities,” Bedi explained. The courses are on edX and in 12 languages including English, Hindi, and Telugu, making them widely accessible. HP has also opened gaming-focused Omen Playground stores nationwide where gamers can try equipment and meet communities.

vickram bedi hp india inline Vickram Bedi speaks at HP India Study 2023 event in New Delhi. (Image: Zohaib Ahmed/The Indian Express)

Bedi is hugely optimistic about the future of Indian esports. “For the first time ever, esports was included in the Asian Games 2023. This serves as a clear indication of the rapid and widespread acceptance of esports in India. In the years to come, I believe esports will be acknowledged on par with traditional sports in the country. As a brand, we are actively contributing to this evolution by providing increased learning opportunities and leveraging cutting-edge technology to support the esports industry,” he said.

According to HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2023, 58% of women gamers are gaming 12 hours per week or more. Discussing women gamers’ future industry role, Bedi said Omen Playground stores facilitate easier access for women and HP Gaming Garage builds relevant skills. “HP actively contributes to a more inclusive, supportive environment,” he stated. Streaming and content creation open more opportunities for women now.

When asked for advice to aspiring gamers, Bedi impressively kept it simple: “Make the most of online courses and learning opportunities.”

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