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  • ‘It’s been 17 days, we haven’t heard from authorities’: brother of student who died by suicide at Azim Premji University | Bangalore News

‘It’s been 17 days, we haven’t heard from authorities’: brother of student who died by suicide at Azim Premji University | Bangalore News

Days after the alleged suicide of a 21-year-old undergraduate student of Azim Premji University in Bengaluru, his elder brother on Monday questioned the silence and alleged that the voice of students was being suppressed by its management.

A resident of Hyderabad, M Ashwin Nambiar was found dead on November 10 at Azim Premji University. He allegedly had fallen from the 16th floor of the University building.

Speaking to The Indian Express, his brother Ashish M Nambiar, an alumnus of Azim Premji University, said the college had given him positive memories but after he spoke to a few students he realised that it is not the same now.

Ashish said, “It has been 17 days and no one from the University has cared to speak to the family. As an alumnus, I feel ashamed about the state of the University.”

“My brother was depressed and after speaking to his friends I came to know that my brother was suspended from college. There was an incident of smoking cigarettes but it is still unclear whether it was my brother. There was a decision to suspend him from college. But we never knew about this incident. Also, the police gave us updates about the incident but the college did not even care to hold a conversation,” he added.

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He also said there were a few students who attended Ashwin’s cremation and all of them were asked to submit assignments. “In the hour of grief, it would send shock waves to his friends and classmates. They attended cremation and the college authorities should have given them additional time to submit the assignment but nothing was done. I heard that the management is suppressing the students’ voices in the University,” he added.

Ashish, who is a research student in the US, also took to X on Monday and expressed his disappointment.

“They want to create a “just, equitable, humane” society but just not on campus. Clearly, this is just a marketing strategy – an aesthetic they’re trying to sell. I love the students and all my faculty but the university as an entity is a farce. Students are the heart of any university. I request alumni, faculty, and other folks to visit, meet, and speak to students, student bodies etc,” he posted.

“Not just about work but about how they feel, about their experiences and tell them how you will support them. The university has responded to crises like these by encouraging support groups or bodies which don’t give students official representation. Ultimately, we should support the formation of a student body that has representatives who have a say in how the university runs”.

When The Indian Express approached Azim Premji University for its response, it said, they are “deeply distressed by the unfortunate demise of one of our students”.

“We have extended all possible support to his family as they cope with this devastating loss. We have been engaging with family members, including working with both the hospital and investigating authorities to complete all necessary procedural formalities. The University will continue to extend all assistance. Any suggestion to the contrary is regrettable,” it said.

“Since its inception, the University has had a team of trained mental health professionals who provide socio-emotional support to the students. They help students learn healthy coping skills to manage their academic demands and navigate personal challenges that may arise during their time at the University, with the intent of ensuring a culture of well-being and positive mental health. In addition to mental health support, the University has several other support mechanisms such as a dedicated academic resource centre, one-on-one faculty mentor support, peer support etc,” added the university.

Ashwin’s father Manohar Nambiar is a retired Indian Navy officer.

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