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Russell T Davies Explains What Inspired the New TARDIS

Fourteen’s excited lap around the ship at the end of “The Star Beast” was an idea proposed by episode director Rachel Talalay, and one that Tennant literally ran with, having to find a route around its many walkways: “I’m not acting at all! I’m having the time of my life. It’s a long way though, I had a bit of a recovery between takes.”

RTD’s Inspirations

Speaking on The Official Doctor Who Podcast, showrunner Russell T Davies explained that the new look isn’t just harking back to the plainer, white TARDIS interiors of Doctor Who in the Classic era, but also much more recent Who under the showrunning of Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall.

Doctor Who Clara Twelfth Doctor Face the Raven TARDIS interior

“I based that over the past few years on very much loving the white TARDISes that were beginning to crop up in the programme. Clara and Me flew off into the Vortex in a white TARDIS, then Jodie’s era saw the Fugitive Doctor with that white TARDIS, and they stole that TARDIS from Gallifrey and flew back to Earth with it, and I loved it!

Ruth Doctor Who Fugitive Doctor TARDIS

“I had a long conversation with myself sitting there going do I love that because I’m a fan of the 60s, 70s and 80s when the TARDIS was white, or do I love that because it’s genuinely good? And I think now we’ve built one, the answer is because it’s genuinely good, but feel free to argue!”

The Official Doctor Who Podcast presenter Tyrell Charles doesn’t argue and praises the choice of white as a “universally accepted futuristic look” while looking forward to the colour-change potential of the new LED roundels:

“It reminds me of the end of “Turn Left” when Bad Wolf was everywhere and the TARDIS goes on red alert and everything turns red when it was dangerous, so it borrows elements from the modern era but it takes what was a genuinely good design from classic and says: what if we looked at this on a nice wide-screen TV.”

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