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  • UP Assembly winter session starts today as new rules kick in, Opp wants it extended | Lucknow News

UP Assembly winter session starts today as new rules kick in, Opp wants it extended | Lucknow News

A day before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly’s four-day winter session starts under the new rules of procedures, the Opposition on Monday demanded a longer duration of the session so as to raise the issues of “public interest” and to discuss supplementary demands for grants to be tabled by the state government.

At the all-party meeting convened by him, the Assembly Speaker requested the members of the treasury and the Opposition to not come to the House just to mark their attendance but to take part in constructive debates on public issues.

He also held a meeting of the House’s business advisory committee.

Soon after the meetings, Manoj Pandey, chief whip of the Samajwadi Party, said, “The session is so short that we will not be able to take up enough issues given the problems the state is faced with. While condolence messages will be taken up on November 28, the main business will be undertaken for just two days — November 29 and 30. The session should at least be for a week.”

The issues of health infrastructure, poverty, unemployment, and law and order are among those to be discussed, he added.

Festive offer

Several departments have not yet utilised significant portions of their budget and thus there is no point in coming up with supplementary demands, Pandey said.

Under the new rules of procedure, the MLAs will not be allowed to take mobile phones, posters, or banners to the House, it is learnt.

All eyes will be on how the Opposition raises different issues in the Assembly under the new rules.

The new rulebook, which was approved in the previous Assembly session, was inaugurated on Monday.

“It is good that changes are being made but they should be in tune with the spirit of democracy. The ban can be on the use of mobile phones but one should be allowed to check messages. Being public representatives, how can we get completely disconnected from the rest of the world?” asked Manoj Pandey while talking to mediapersons.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said during the all-party meeting that the House is an important medium to express people’s aspirations.

“Rich discussions held in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly have become an inspiration to states across the country. The longer the House runs, the more it will help in the growth of democratic values,” said Adityanath, assuring the Opposition parties that the government will participate in all the discussions in a constructing manner.

With the Ram Temple consecration ceremony due in January 2024 and the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, the supplementary budget is likely to make provision for the development of places of religious tourism and welfare schemes.

BOX: Speech recognition software soon

As voices from the treasury benches get drowned amid sloganeering by the Opposition members in the House, the Uttar Pradesh Assembly will soon have a “speech recognition software” to separate noise from speech during the live telecast of the session.

The software will be installed through a tendering process, it is learnt.

“This software will be able to eliminate noise interference during the live telecast of the Assembly session. This will not only improve the live feed but will also help in video output during the Assembly proceedings. Besides, mediapersons also stand to gain from the technological upgrade, as the speech recognition process helps generate high-quality video and voice feeds,” said a state government spokesperson.


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