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All Punjab MLAs go to Mohali’s clinics, says health minister, don’t have one in my constituency, says Oppn leader Bajwa | Chandigarh News

Congress leader Partap Singh Bajwa Tuesday said that there was not even a single Aam Aadmi clinic in Qadian assembly constituency, which he represents.

Speaking during the question hour on the opening day of two-day winter session of Vidhan Sabha, Bajwa, who is the Leader of the Opposition, accused the AAP government of derailing the existing health infrastructure in his constituency in terms of manpower, machinery and medicines.

Responding to a starred question by Bajwa, Health Minister Balbir Singh said that 664 Aam Aadmi Clinics have been made operational in the state till date at a cost of Rs 229.48 crore. He added that 664 new medical officers had been empanelled in these clinics and that “no health centre has been affected by the opening of Aam Aadmi clinics”.

On Bajwa’s query as to how many ministers, MLAs and office bearers of AAP went to these clinics for treatment, the health minister in a written reply said, “The treatment is being provided to all the citizens of the state. However, specific information about the medical treatment offered to individuals affiliated with a particular party is currently not available.”

“All those sitting here get treatment from Aam Aadmi clinics. I also get my BP (blood pressure) checked,” Balbir said on the floor of the House, advising Bajwa and Opposition leaders that “they should also get their BP and eyesight checked from these clinics. “80 lakh people have so far got treatment at these clinics. In Kenya, during an event on global health supply chain, where 85 countries participated, Punjab model was adjudged number one,” he added.

Festive offer

Referring to the statistics given out by the minister, Bajwa asked, “Out of 664, how many are in Qadian?”
As the health minister sifted through the documents, Bajwa said he “has not done his homework.” He said if a minister was not prepared to give details, as per the standard and staple practice, there should be “marching orders”. Seeking immediate reply, Bajwa also took a dig at very short session and said if time is sought to reply, such questions “get stale”.

The minister said he had details of Gurdaspur district in which Qadian falls. He said 35 Aam Aadmi clinics had been opened in Gurdaspur. He added that 70 other such clinics will be opened in the Kandi belt areas of districts of Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur and Pathankot.

As Bajwa alleged that existing healthcare infrastructure in his constituency was in doldrums, the minister added, “I assure on the floor of House that doctors, staff, equipment and medicines would be made available. Before code of conduct for parliamentary elections, X-Ray machines and medicines would be made available.”

He asked the legislators to give him the lists of the areas where they want the clinics to be opened.

Punjab Congress president Amrinder Singh Raja Warring, who had jointly asked the starred question with Bajwa, said, “There are 13,500 villages in Punjab. The remaining tenure of the government is of 1217 days. Even if you open one Mohalla clinic every day, you can at most open 1217 such clinics by the end of your tenure”.

Slamming AAP for pre-poll promises to open Mohalla clinics in each village and ward, Warring asked, “Is there a proposal to at least upgrade sub-division hospitals at a cost of Rs 2 crore each?”

The minister hit back at Warring asking if “in last 30 years, merely 164 such clinics were opened. We have at least made a good beginning”.

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