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“Why Did I Squat?” – Squid Game: The Challenge Questions Answered

For the first two rounds, the individual in front of the challenging umbrella shape revolts and all four players are eliminated. Then player 299 finally caves, allowing the game to start but condemning his whole line to certain umbrella death. Why couldn’t the players selecting shapes find a better way to negotiate? Certainly they could just agree to some sort of game of chance to settle the whole thing?

According to none other than 299 himself, that wasn’t an option. That game’s producers explicitly outlawed games of chance in determining who got stuck with which cookie. It was “come to a group decision or perish.”

Player 299 Is Gonna Be Alright

Speaking of 299 … is he, uh … is he good? Player 299 a.k.a. Spencer Hawkins really goes through the wringer in ppopgi. Merely accepting his team’s umbrella fate appears to put him through more stress than any human being has ever experienced. And then elimination from the challenge itself finds him rolling around in the dirt, loudly dry heaving.

Thankfully, Player 299 appears to be doing just fine. He’s also the most prolific and helpful former player we could kind on TikTok. Throughout several posts, he explains that he’s come to accept his body’s unique approach to anxiety and even reports that he doesn’t believe anyone wants to kill him for the umbrella thing.

Wardrobe Was … Limited

If you’re wondering what kind of Squid Game swag players get to take home from The Challenge, the answer is basically “just the clothes on your back.” And according to players 326 and 191 that’s all you get when you’re participating in the games too. All 456 players were provided a tracksuit with their respective numbers, shoes, a toothbrush, and little else.

Though the group bathrooms contained fresh infusions of generic underwear, the tracksuits received no such replacements. You know it had to smell wild in those barracks. Speaking of barracks, player 326 makes clear just how crushingly boring the living experience is in-between games.

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