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  • 3-year-old inhales dangler from bangle, Pune hospital saves her through 8-hour procedure | Pune News

3-year-old inhales dangler from bangle, Pune hospital saves her through 8-hour procedure | Pune News

DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital, Pimpri, Pune, gave a new lease of life to a three-year-old girl by extracting a plastic foreign body that she had aspirated through her nose into her lung.

The girl, a resident of Pune, accidentally inhaled a plastic dangler of a bangle and was admitted to the DPU hospital on September 9, complaining of fever and cough.

After a thorough investigation that went on until late at night, it was indicated that the entry for air on the right side of the lung’s lower lobe had reduced and collapsed, leading to an infection along with pneumonia. In view of clinical findings, foreign body aspiration was suspected and the child was posted for bronchoscopy.

A team of doctors, including Dr Manoj Patil, consultant pediatric intensivist; Dr Dhananjay Vaze, consultant pediatric surgeon; Dr Pranav Jadhav, HOD of pediatric surgery, performed an eight-hour-long procedure.

The intubation was done to relieve distress and provide access to the airways, followed by a rigid bronchoscopy. It was challenging as the foreign body got lodged in the terminal bronchus. An official statement issued by the hospital Thursday said the dangler was grasped and manipulated in the right direction without any internal injury to the windpipe.

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After removing the foreign body, the right lower lobe began to expand. The episode occurred eight days before the child was admitted to the hospital. The patient’s parents missed the choking episode, increasing the infection and fever. After being under observation for three days, the patient was discharged on September 13 with oral medications.

Dr Shailaja Mane, head of the department of paediatrics, said, “It was a case of unforeseen complications if the root cause was not detected well in time. Since the foreign body was made of plastic, it was not seen in the X-ray and CT scans. Upon understanding the cause, pediatric surgeons performed a bronchoscopy and finally achieved success in removing the dangler from the patient’s bronchus.”

Various types of foreign bodies like peanuts, pomegranates, seeds of custard apple, betel nuts, corn from the respiratory tract and small coins, rings, safety pins, and hairpins from the esophagus and stomach have been removed by our team,” Dr Mane said, appealing to parents to take care of their children and avoid access to such objects.

Dr Manisha Karmarkar, chief executive officer of the hospital, said the removal of a foreign body is not easy even if it has been freshly lodged. “After a few days, it gets surrounded by mucus, making the extraction process challenging. We are equipped with the finest healthcare infrastructure and highly skilled doctors that make us capable of treating such complex cases with sheer precision,” Dr Karmarkar said.

Dr Bhagyashree P Patil, pro-chancellor, Dr D Y Patil Vidyapeeth (deemed to be university), Pimpri, Pune, said that the success of this complex surgery is yet another testimony of the hospital’s commitment to patient safety and positive patient outcomes.

Dr D Patil, the chancellor, said high-quality patient-centric care, supported by cutting-edge technology, can make a difference in people’s lives.

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