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Deadspin’s Carron Phillips only has a byline because he’s a race-baiter

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Happy Wednesday, everybody. Except you. So, America continues to suffer from a tragic shortage of white racists. Oh, they have plenty of others, but we’re running low on the pale faces. It’s gotten so bad our media bottom feeders have to keep making them up. 

In the latest fake smear, a hack at sports site Deadspin alleged that a child with his face painted in his football team colors was actually blackface. You know, blackface, right? It’s that thing only lefty celebs could get away with. Oh, and also Bugs Bunny. Thank God that son of a **** retired, but with Deadspin, a funny thing happened. Instead of getting the approval that most woke media Karens generally bask in, the scumbag writer had to face the new community notes function of Elon Musk’s “X.” In record time, community notes showed the kids’ full photo not just the half painted black. And so the only thing this kid is guilty of is being adorable. We’ll be right back. 

Instead of a young Klansman in training, we see a kid wearing the colors of his favorite team. And now, thanks to a made up charge of blackface, the folks at Deadspin are guilty of egg face. Yeah, having egg on their face. I came up with that. 


Now, you would have thought that the Indian headdress the kid was wearing at a Chiefs game might have been the tip off. But for whit-y hater Carron Phillips, who just made himself the Jussie Smollett of sports journalism, it didn’t matter because let’s face it, this Karen knew what he was doing. He works for a sports website, for God’s sake. He knows football fans often have their faces painted in team colors. It’s only been in every beer commercial for the last 30 years. Still, the piece’s headline claims the young fan was in blackface and doubling up on racism. Phillips added that, “This is what happens when you ban books, stand against critical race theory and try to erase centuries of hate. You give future generations the ammunition they need to evolve and recreate racism better than before.” 

holden armenta

Holden Armenta, 9, attends the Chiefs-Raiders game on Nov. 26 in Las Vegas.  ((Screenshot/Jesse Watters Primetime))

Though, first of all, banning books wouldn’t affect this nut bag, since all he can read are BLM protest signs. Hell, there’s enough hogwash in there to bathe Joy Behar. Ah, I know, I feel the same way. It’s a lesson to us all. So, yeah, a young kid wearing his favorite team colors recreates racism better than before? And accusing a child of that is how you’re erasing hate Carron. **** you. You know what, you’re causing hate with a false smear. But it gets worse for him and Deadspin. 

Apparently, the kid’s not only a big Chiefs fan, he’s actually Native American himself. The boy’s mom confirmed it and the kid’s dad is reportedly a member of the Chumash tribe in California. I think that’s the one Liz Warren is also a member of. And the kid’s grand-dad is reportedly on the governing board of the Chumash Indian nation. I bet that kid’s name is painted one sees you in court. By the way, according to the National Parks website, the Chumash Indians engage in face painting and their colors [are] red, black and white. So is this an obvious case of an untalented attention whore realizing this is the only way he could gain notoriety? 

Sure, so let’s give it to him. Carron, the only reason you have a byline is because you’re a race-baiter. No one would know you if not for that. And you exploited an innocent child to amplify your pathetic presence. Your stance isn’t one of depth or of substance. It’s just a vomit of robotic clichés stolen from another brainwashed clone. I hope this story follows you to the end of your very brief career. Now, sure, you can applaud. I’ll take it. Gives me time to relax. 

Now, this isn’t the first time a young kid has been called racist by the media. Last month, a middle-schooler was suspended for wearing face paint support of his school football team. That damn racism shortage again. Then there’s the Covington kids who the media tried to turn into a Klan field rally only to discover that they were wrong. But because back then, “X” was the lefty echo chamber, Twitter, without the community notes and Elon, the kids had to sue to fix the record and they did, and they won. Nick Sandmann has so much money, he could have bought CNN, but then he’d be paying himself. And yet, has the woke media learned anything other than how to replace George Floyd with Palestine?


A screenshot of a deleted tweet from Deadspin reporter Carron J. Phillips. ((Jesse Watters Primetime))

Here’s Carron, after being called out on “X”: For the idiots treating this as some harmless act because the other side of his face was painted red, I could make the argument that it makes it even worse. Y’all are the ones who hate Mexicans, but where sombreros on Cinco. I don’t know what he’s saying. Now if you agree with that ****, you might have a future at Deadspin, but actually you probably won’t because there’s no future at Deadspin. Their spin is dying. 

Deadspin has yet to issue an apology or retraction. And that’s because the sports media in general has lost its balls. The woke scared them, so they let the virus in and take over. And, of course, they expected no blowback from their likeminded media allies. But have you checked ESPN’s ratings lately? They’re lower than Brian Stelter’s book sales. Yeah, I should have said balls, lower than his balls. That would have been funnier…

TYRUS: And weird because you would know.

Yeah, that’s true. And look at poor Sports Illustrated. Apparently the rag had been publishing product reviews by authors who didn’t exist and were written by A.I. S.I. have since blamed that on a third party company. But what do you expect from a once great company who succumbed to this? And this? 

Then there’s ESPN who’s given us tons of woke moments, the on air moment of silence to protest Florida’s parental rights bill. The talking heads bashing players for refusing to wear pride patches. They even revived the debunked story about a noose in a NASCAR garage. And who can forget that they gave race-baiter Jemele Hill a job



The bottom line sports brands are zombie shells hollowed out by the woke. But now things may be changing thanks to the left’s Great Satan, Elon Musk creating community notes. A kid’s life won’t be destroyed. See, Musk created a way to prevent small false smears from taking root. He disabled the one weapon that the left so desperately embraced. Taking something out of context, sharing it with like minded creeps and letting it spread. Musk killed that. No wonder they hate his guts. They should.

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