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  • Disney Speedstorm update adds Frozen content, tweaks ranked multiplayer rewards

Disney Speedstorm update adds Frozen content, tweaks ranked multiplayer rewards

Disney Speedstorm launches its fifth season today, along with a new update making various tweaks to rewards and race mechanics.

The fifth season, titled Let it Go, is based on Frozen and adds five characters from the series along with a new track set in Arendelle.

It will also add three non-Frozen characters mid-season, making for a total of eight new racers.

The new racers coming to Season 5 are as follows:

  • Anna (Frozen)
  • Elsa (Frozen)
  • Olaf (Frozen)
  • Kristoff (Frozen)
  • Hans (Frozen)
  • Oswald (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)
  • Ortensia (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit)
  • Wall-E (Wall-E)

The update will also feature a number of changes to Ranked Multiplayer rewards and in-game balancing.

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The full list of patch notes is as follows:

Disney Speedstorm Season 5 patch notes


Upgrade your racer of choice

  • A new type of Time Limited Event will be introduced in Season 5 that will give players more flexibility on the Racers they wish to upgrade. In this new Time Limited Event, players will be able to select a specific Racer from a selection to earn rewards for, giving you more agency on how you progress in the game.
  • Once a player has completed all Objectives for a particular Racer, they will need to wait for the refresh timer to reset to be able to select a different Racer to progress. Players will also have the option to automatically reset the refresh timer by using Tokens.

‘It All Started With a Mouse’ Time Limited Event

  • The ‘It All Started With A Mouse’ Limited Event previously enabled players to earn 1 Mickey Mouse Racer Shard each day until they reach Star Level 3 with Mickey. Players will now be able to earn 1 Shard each day via this Time Limited Event, all the way to Star Level 5.


Ranked Rewards

  • Starting in Season 5, we will be increasing the amount of Upgrade Parts players can earn by playing Ranked Multiplayer for all Racers. This change is aimed at making it easier for players to reach Star Level 3 with each Racer.
  • Rewards for progressing through the different MPR Leagues can only be earned once, which means that some of our veteran players will not be able to benefit from the aforementioned increase in rewards.

Lobby Size

  • The game will now prioritize having at least 3 players in the lobby before a Race is launched. This should reduce the number of 1 vs 1 races at the highest MPR levels.



  • The Normal and Charged Activations no longer grant Stitch invulnerability.


  • Both Normal and Charged Activations spawn fewer toys.

Steamboat Pete

  • Both Normal and Charged Activations spawn fewer ink blots.

Obstacle Common / Unique Skills

  • We are making a change to Common and Unique Skills that create obstacles to stun rivals. If you are stunned by an obstacle created by a rival’s Common or Unique Skill, you will be stunned for a shorter duration and will lose less speed.
  • The Skills currently in the game affected by this change are outlined below. This change will also be reflected in all obstacle-based Skills that stun rivals introduced in the future.
    • Bomb – Backwards Activation
    • Jessie – Normal & Charged Activation
    • Steamboat Pete – Normal & Charged Activation
    • Captain Gantu – Normal & Charged Activation
    • Baloo – Normal Activation
    • Belle – Normal Activation
    • Hercules – Charged Activation


Daily & Season Missions

  • Daily Missions now grant 250 XP towards your Golden Pass progress.
  • Season Missions now grants either 650 or 1400 XP towards your Golden Pass progress.

Mystery Racers

  • Mystery Race Boxes in the Season Tour now require less races to earn all the rewards. The amount of rewards has not been reduced.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Daily and Season Missions will no longer have game mode restrictions.
  • The skip button now works as intended during the race intro animation.
  • Various improvements have been made to mobile version control schemes.
  • Improvements have been made to several Menu animation and UI elements.
  • Various audio improvements and fixes.