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Slow Horses Recap: River, Spider, & How They Foiled the Russian Heist

Shirley and Longridge: Two New Slow Horses

Longridge and Shirley in Slow Horses

We meet Shirley (Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Peaky Blinders), who was exiled to Slough House because she attacked her case worker after he made inappropriate advances towards her, and Longridge (Kadiff Kirwan, This Is Going To Hurt), who is there because he has a gambling problem.

Alongside Lamb, Standish and Roddy Ho (Christopher Chung, Waterloo Road), they investigate Dicky Bow’s mysterious suspected killer, discovering he’s a former spy called Chernitsky, and after murdering Bow he ended up at a small airfield in a Cotswolds village, before seemingly vanishing.

River Goes Undercover

Jack Lowden in Slow Horses

Lamb sends River undercover to investigate what Chernitsky was doing in the village, and he’s befriended by barmaid Kelly, and taken to dinner at her parents’ house. During dinner, their friend Leo arrives, but River recognises him as Chernitsky. 

When he later tracks Chernitsky down to the airfield, River discovers that it’s actually Kelly’s mother Alex who is the sleeper agent, and she flies off with a plane full of explosives, heading towards an anti-capitalist protest in London.

Slow Horse Min Meets a Grisly End

Min and Louisa in Slow Horses

Let’s back up a bit: in the meantime, slow horses Min (Dustin Demri-Burns) and Louisa (Rosalind Eleazar) are now a couple, after hooking up in series one. Away from the Chernitsky investigation, they’ve been recruited by Spider Webb to do an off-the-books security job for him, smoothing the ground for his meet-up with a Russian called Pashkin at a London skyscraper called The Glasshouse. Pashkin’s a representative of Nevsky, the powerful Russian who could one day replace Putin as President, so MI5 needs him on-side.

During Min and Louisa’s preparations for the meeting, Pashkin’s security team seem shifty, so Min starts following them around on his trusty bike, but then in a shock twist he’s found killed in a supposed hit-and-run. Lamb investigates, and discovers the hit-and-run driver’s links to Russia, and when interrogated she admits Min was actually killed by Pashkin’s security guards – alongside Chernitsky. 

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