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Penny Blood: Hellbound coming to Early Access in February

Penny Blood: Hellbound, a spin-off roguelike from the upcoming RPG, Penny Blood, is coming to Steam Early Access in February.

Yukikaze, Studio Wildrose and Natsume Atari have confirmed that the game, which is set in the same universe as the crowd-funded RPG Penny Blood will be released in full in Summer 2024, following a short Steam Early Access period.

With development talent including Matsuzo Machida (Shadow Hearts) and “industry veterans” at Nastume Atari, the prequel hopes to give players “a taste” of Penny Blood prior to the release of the RPG.

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“Adopt the role of six hyper-powered anarchists in action-packed roguelike Penny Blood: Hellbound, as you attempt to break free of a prison unlike any you’ve ever witnessed,” the game’s blurb on Steam reads.

“Die, die, and die again to collect malice and forge allegiances with fellow prisoners in order to learn new skills and enhance your abilities as you fight to escape this extraordinary hellscape.

“From dark JRPG mastermind, Matsuzo Machida, developed by industry veterans at Natsume Atari Studios, featuring art by Miyako Kato, and with a brand-new soundtrack from Yoshitaka Hirota and Noriyuki Iwadare, enjoy a taste of the tenebrous in this prequel to the upcoming title, Penny Blood.”