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Pet Simulator 99 codes December 2023

Pet Simulator 99 codes will be used in the Roblox experience to get free bonuses.

Pet Simulator 99 is developed by BIG Games Pets, the same team behind the popular Pet Simulator X, and is the sequel to that game.

Since Pet Simulator X had bonus codes which can be redeemed for extra items, we anticipate that Pet Simulator 99 will have the same. These codes won’t last forever, though, so it’s worth coming back here to check which Pet Simulator 99 codes are active, and which have expired.

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New Pet Simulator 99 codes (December 2023)

  • The game is launching today so there are no codes yet, but as soon as some are released this list will begin!

Expired Pet Simulator 99 codes

These codes no longer work, but we list them here in case you see them elsewhere and want to know if they’re still working:

How to redeem Pet Simulator 99 codes

When Pet Simulator 99 gets its first codes, players will need to follow some steps to enter them.

Once the process is know, we’ll explain it in this section.

What are Pet Simulator 99 codes?

Pet Simulator 99 codes help unlock useful items in the Roblox game Pet Simulator 99.

Players can redeem the codes listed above to get extra items on top of the ones they get for playing through the game normally.

However, as with most other Roblox games with codes in them, these codes don’t last forever, so it’s best to claim them quickly. Check back regularly to see when more have been added.

How to transfer Pet Simulator X pets to Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 codes December 2023
Use the Pet Box to transfer PSX pets to PS99,

If you’ve been playing Pet Simulator X, you may be worried that all your progress will be lost and you’ll be starting all over again with no pets.

That’s thankfully not the case, because you can start transferring your pets to Pet Simulator 99 now.

If you log into Pet Simulator X and walk to the Pet Box, you can transfer pets, huges, titanics and eggs.

There’s a limit to how many you can transfer at a time, but this limit refreshes every seven days, and the Pet Box will remain in Pet Simulator X for six months.

When you get your pet in Pet Simulator 99, it’ll have the same serials, signatures and gold/rainbow status. According to BIG Games, the only things that won’t transfer over are nicknames and enchantments, because they work differently in the new game.

Where to find more Pet Simulator 99 codes

According to developer BIG Games, more Pet Simulator 99 codes can be found by following it on Twitter.

Ultimately, though, the best way to make sure you get Pet Simulator 99 codes is to let us do the work for you and check back on this page every day.

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