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Doctor Who: Russell T Davies Thinks Wild Blue Yonder Secrecy ‘Had an Unfortunate Effect’

Who? Exactly.

Tuite and Cripps play David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s body doubles in “Wild Blue Yonder”, an episode that saw the Doctor and Donna pitted against monstrous copies of themselves. Neither household names nor Doctor Who regulars, had the two actors been revealed prior to broadcast, it would likely not have explained or spoiled a thing…

…apart from the fervour of fan speculation, which was whipped up to great effect by the secrecy surrounding the ep. Very few clips were released ahead of broadcast and unlike for “The Star Beast”, press screeners were not made widely available.

Speaking on The Official Doctor Who Podcast, showrunner Russell T Davies has now expressed a fear that all that cloak and dagger stuff in the run-up to “Wild Blue Yonder” may have damaged its reception.

“We kept this very secret. I think that might have had an unfortunate effect. I think everyone’s expecting Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi and the ghost of William Hartnell riding on the back of [Fifth Doctor alien] era The Garm on board this spaceship, whereas actually I kept this secret for a very simple reason: partly because I think it’s nice to keep some episodes completely secret, but also because this is actually the simplest one of the lot.

“If you describe this episode: so, they arrive on a spaceship and they meet evil versions of themselves… that’s it. That’s it, there’s nothing more that’s it. Do they win? Yes they do, of course they do. With “The Star Beast” you could say well, the Meep turns out to be evil and actually that’s about Donna – the other episodes are more complicated. This is so simple, that’s why I kept it secret, but I wonder if that’s had an unfortunate effect and made it disappointingly simple on its broadcast.”

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