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Mrunal Thakur on her fashion, style: ‘You have to learn to let your stylists work their magic’ | Life-style News

There are only a few television actors that can make it to the silver screen. One such talented actor who has been able to carve a name for herself is Mrunal Thakur. After gaining popularity for playing the role of Bulbul Arora in the television show Kumkum Bhagya, the actor forayed into the Indian film industry with Love Sonia, thereafter there was no looking back.

Mrunal has now emerged as a powerhouse of talent, seamlessly navigating diverse roles with charisma and authenticity.

In an exclusive interview with, the versatile actor bears it all, right from her remarkable transition from television to the big screen, her milestone debut at Cannes, the challenges she faced, and more.

On her journey from television to films

Describing her experience as “beautiful” and “unpredictable”, Mrunal doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the hurdles she has encountered. “But I have to say one thing, this journey has been on my own and I’m very proud of it,” she says.

The initial challenge, she shares, was overcoming the industry’s apprehensions about casting a television actor. “However, there were filmmakers like Tabrez Noorani who took a chance on me, so I am grateful to all the filmmakers who take a chance with actors from television, and have that faith.”

Festive offer

Mrunal also faced another obstacle on her path. “I wanted to make sure that I don’t get boxed into a cliché. I didn’t want to get typecasted, so I took it on myself to explore diverse roles in films, OTT platforms, Marathi cinema, feature films, and even Telugu movies.”

On a day in her life

With a schedule packed to the brim, Mrunal gives us a glimpse into her bustling life. “Lately, my days have been so hectic. My schedule is jam-packed right from 6 am. Right now, as we speak, I am going for the dubbing session of my upcoming film Hi Nanna.”

Working the graveyard shift, she recounts the struggles of managing her time, health, and other commitments. Despite facing illnesses like a fever and finding no time to get her wisdom tooth extracted, Mrunal expresses gratitude for living a phase she had longed for. “It is a beautiful chapter in my life, as this is something that I craved for the longest time — to be able to go to work, to able to do what I love doing.”

On her Cannes debut

Reflecting on her debut at the Cannes Film Festival, Mrunal shares the magic of the experience. “Last year in 2022, I was shooting for my film Gumraah when Cannes was taking place and I had promised myself that I would make it there. And this year it all happened.”

Beyond the glamour and fashion, the actor was awe-inspired by the palpable energy, diversity in films, and the overall celebration of cinema. “Honestly, I was blown away by the experience. It’s a dream for any artist to be at Cannes. And for me to be there, to represent my culture, our cinema, our traditions, and fashion was extraordinary,” Mrunal says.

However, she admits being surprised by the quick pace of the red carpet, contrasting her initial perception of a slow, leisurely walk.

On fashion, style and self-discovery

Known for her unique sense of style, Mrunal attributes her fashion evolution to surrendering to her stylists while highlighting the importance of self-acceptance. “I have discovered myself over some time. You have to learn to let your stylists work their magic. Most importantly, you need to accept yourself — your body type. People will keep telling you — don’t do this or don’t wear that. But you must learn to listen to what you want and dress accordingly.”

Encouraging others to listen to their inner voice when it comes to their style preferences, Mrunal suggests having fun with fashion. “I love to keep experimenting and trying new things at events with my looks. I like to keep it fresh, fun, and quirky.”

But two outfits that always go well, according to her, are a boss babe look and the evergreen sari. “They never go wrong for me,” she shares.

On skincare secrets

Mrunal spills the beans on her skincare routine, crediting her sister, a makeup artist, for her fresh looks amid a demanding schedule. “In addition to the basics like staying hydrated, I incorporate DIY remedies such as turmeric, coffee, sugar scrubs, and face packs using the application of fresh fruits like tomatoes.”

A unique touch to her routine involves spraying her face with rice water — a Korean technique she swears by.

On fitness

Prioritising fitness in her hectic schedule, Mrunal shares her strategy. “The first thing I do in the morning is workout, making sure I get my daily fitness dose before the day gets busy.”

But when that becomes impossible, she uses basic equipment on sets, like stretch bands and dumbbells, to find time between the shoots. “If there is a dance sequence in the rehearsals, I’m naturally able to get a good cardio workout,” she reveals.

Expressing excitement about collaborating with Lenskart for their Gulmarg Collection, Mrunal shares the sheer joy she feels while contributing to a collection that beautifully captures the essence of Kashmir’s ‘pinjras’. “The Gulmarg Collection is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the rich heritage of craftsmanship that Lenskart is known for. It’s more than just eyewear. With each frame in this collection, you can see the ‘pinjras’ come to life, creating a timeless connection to the artistry of Kashmir.”

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