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Kolkata’s chargesheet rate third highest in country: NCRB data | Kolkata News

West Bengal has the third highest rate of filing chargesheets in the country for offences under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), according to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data. While Kerala tops the list. Puducherry figures second in the list.

As per the NCRB data, Bengal had recorded 1,58,060 cognisable offences in 2020, 1,57,498 in 2021 and 1,56,503 in 2022 under the IPC.

The rate of filing chargesheets against the total cognisable crimes in 2022 was 90.6%. The data claimed that the rate of cognisable crimes in 2022 stood at 240.7% ( per lakh population) in the state.

While Kerala clocked a chargesheeting rate of 96% with a total of 2,35,858 cognisable offences, Puducherry recorded a 91.3% chargesheeting rate against 3,237 cognisable crimes. However, experts feel that a high chargesheet rate doesn’t imply a higher rate of conviction.

Speaking to The Indian Express on Tuesday, Senior Special Public Prosecutor of the West Bengal Government Soumyajit Raha said a chargesheet means that through investigation a prima facie case has been established against the accused.

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“Charges are framed if the materials in the chargesheet create such a circumstance that there is a possibility that the accused might have committed the offence. However, while convicting the person, the court must infer that the accused has committed the offence. So, a high number of chargesheets with fewer convictions doesn’t serve the object of the criminal justice system.”

During 2022, a total of 56,59,787 IPC cases were under investigation across India. These cases included 20,41,140 pending from the previous year and 57,268 re-opened ones. India’s chargesheeting rate in 2022 was 71.3% as the police disposed of 36,60,786 cases and filed chargesheets in 26,11,526 cases.

A total of 32,28,322 persons were arrested under 35,61,379 cases across the country in 2022. While a total of 43,67,588 persons were charge-sheeted, 10,55,181 were convicted, 9,81,194 were acquitted and 1,52,787 were discharged.

In 2022, 22,63,567 cases of Special and Local Law (SLL) crimes were registered across the country leading to 21,61,911 arrests.

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