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Video: Sonic Dream Team gameplay shows the Apple Arcade exclusive in action

Sonic Dream Team is released today on Apple Arcade, and our gameplay footage lets you see it in action.

We’ve recorded the first two stages, the first starring Sonic and the second showing Amy Rose, to give you an idea of how the game looks.

You can watch the video embedded at the top of this story, or on our YouTube channel.

As you can see by the footage, Sonic Dream Team isn’t an endless runner like many of the Sonic mobile games currently available.

Instead, it’s a completely new 3D platformer, albeit a slightly more simplistic one given that some players will be playing with touch controls. However, controller support is fully supported.

We captured our footage on an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the graphics settings turned up to maximum quality, and used an Xbox Series X controller to play.

Do note, however, that Apple‘s official Lightning to HDMI cable can only output at 1080p and introduces some compression, so the game will look much sharper on your own device.

Sonic Dream Team’s story revolves around the Reverie, an ancient device Dr Eggman has found. The Reverie has the power to manifest dreams into reality, so Sonic and his friends have to stop Eggman using it to take over the world.

Players can take control of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge and Cream and, in Sega‘s words, “race through mind-bending dream worlds that include wall-running, gravity changes, and more”.