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GTA 6 trailer clears 101 million, surpassing lifetime GTA 5 trailer views

GTA 6’s trailer has been viewed on YouTube over 101 million times, surpassing the lifetime views of GTA 5‘s debut trailer.

The first trailer for GTA 6 was released hastily on Monday night following a leak. However, since then, the trailer has been viewed over 101 million times, at the time of writing.

In comparison, Rockstar‘s official upload of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 has racked up 100 million views over the past 12 years, with 5 million of them coming in the past few days, following the excitement around the GTA 6 trailer.

Notably, GTA 6’s trailer has surpassed Walt Disney Animation’s official upload of the trailer for Frozen 2, Warner Bros. upload for the trailer for Joker, and Sony‘s upload of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.

If its momentum continues, GTA 6’s trailer may pass the official Star Wars account’s upload of the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first new Star Wars film in a decade at the time.

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Rockstar was due to premiere its GTA 6 trailer on Tuesday. However, on Monday, an anonymous X (formerly Twitter) account forced its hand by uploading a low-res and heavily watermarked version of the reveal video early.

The account which posted the trailer was quickly banned from X, and shortly after Rockstar published an official version of the trailer, writing: “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube.”

One GTA 6 developer expressed their disappointment on social media following the trailer’s leaking and early publication, claiming it had robbed them of plans to watch the live reaction with the rest of the development team.