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Google Pixel December Feature Drop brings Gemini Nano, Video Boost, and more | Technology News

Google has announced its December Pixel Feature Drop, bringing Gemini Nano to the Pixel 8 Pro alongside a wide range of new features like Video Boost and Watch Unlock and improvements to existing functionalities like Photo Unblue and Portrait Light.

The tech giant recently unveiled its most powerful AI model – Gemini and said that a lightweight version of the LLM (Gemini Nano) will offer on-device experiences on the Pixel 8 Pro. From Summarize in Recorder to Timelapse in Night Sight, here’s everything coming to the Pixel lineup with the December Pixel Feature Drop update.

Video Boost

Available exclusively on the Pixel 8 Pro and powered by Tensor G3, the highly anticipated Video Boost feature was teased by Google during the Pixel 8 series launch event. It works by uploading your videos to the cloud, which are then processed by Google to adjust several parameters like lighting, colour, stabilisation and graininess.

Video Boost also brings Night Sight video on the Pixel 8 Pro, which uses AI to reduce the overall noise levels in videos that are recorded at night or poor lighting conditions.

Summarize in Recorder

The latest feature drop update brings one of the Pixel 8 Pro’s much-anticipated features – the ability to get a summary of recorded audio. Powered by Gemini Nano, the feature lets you generate a summary of conversations, interviews and presentations recorded using the built-in Recorder app.

Festive offer

Gboard Smart Reply

Another way Gemini Nano enhances the user experience is by offering smart replies in Gboard. Currently available as a developer preview, Google says the feature offers “high-quality responses with conversational awareness.” It currently works with WhatsApp and will be available on other apps sometime next year.

Night Sight in Timelapse, improved Portrait light and Photo Unblur

Google’s latest Feature Drop also introduces a new feature that lets you record Night Sight in Timelapse on the Pixel 8 series. However, it requires users to set the phone on a steady surface or a tripod.

The tech giant also seems to have improved Portrait light in Google Photos, with Gemini Nano enabling users to remove harsh shadows and improve both old and new portrait shots.

While Photo Unblur can easily help refocus on human faces, it struggled with animals like dogs and cats. However, the new Feature Drop improves the existing functionality, making it easy for users to capture clearer images of their pets.

Use your phone as a webcam

For years, people had to resort to third-party apps that turned their smartphone camera into a webcam. However, with the latest update, users who own a Pixel 6 or a newer device will be able to connect their phone to a PC via USB and use their smartphone as a webcam.

Samsung like Repair Mode

Similar to Samsung’s Maintenance mode, Google Pixel devices now come with a Repair Mode that protects your personal data when handing over your phone to a technician for repairs or service.

Pixel Watch unlock

The tech giant also introduced a new feature for the Pixel Watch that lets you quickly unlock your phone whenever your Pixel Watch is nearby. This is handy if you are doing something and cannot use existing authentication mechanisms like fingerprint or face unlock.

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