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  • In Jaipur jostling, Vasundhara Raje camp smells a rat as son accused of ‘resort politics’ | Political Pulse News

In Jaipur jostling, Vasundhara Raje camp smells a rat as son accused of ‘resort politics’ | Political Pulse News

As the wait for a new Chief Minister continues in Rajasthan, the father of a BJP MLA has alleged that his son was taken to a resort and sequestered there by former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s son Dushyant Singh, who is an MP, even as sources in Raje camp termed the entire thing as a conspiracy to malign her image.

Kishanganj MLA Lalit Meena’s father Hemraj Meena alleged that Dushyant brought his son to meet Vasundhara on December 4 but after the meeting dropped him off at the resort on the outskirts of Jaipur.

He said that there was “nothing suspicious” but questioned why Lalit was taken to a resort when the family has a home in Jaipur. Moreover, he claimed that Lalit wanted to go to the party office afterwards but was stopped from doing so. He said he reached the resort to collect Lalit but he too was stopped by some men. “I had gone to bring him back but there were five to 10 people who said they wouldn’t let me in. But I also had 10-15 people and managed to bring him back,” Hemraj said.

He said including Lalit, there were five MLAs at the resort from Jhalawar and Baran districts from where Raje is also an MLA. The others are Kanwarlal (MLA of Anta, Baran district), Radheyshyam Bairwa (Baran Atru, Baran), Kaluram (Dag, Jhalawar), and Govind Prasad (Manohar Thana, Jhalawar).

Hemraj alleged that Kanwarlal “was in the main role”, adding that it was he who had stopped him and “was ready for a brawl”. He added, “Kanwarlal was saying, ‘Talk to Dushyant Singh before you can take him away’. I called Dushyant Singh but he did not answer the call.”

Festive offer

Hemraj also said that he informed the party’s Rajya Sabha MP and Rajasthan in-charge Arun Singh as well as Chandrashekhar, who is the BJP’s state general secretary (organisation). When contacted, Lalit said that it was an internal party matter and refused to comment further.

However, talking to The Indian Express, Kanwarlal claimed it was a conspiracy to malign Dushyant Singh’s name. “After our win, all the winning BJP MLAs in the Jhalawar-Baran Lok Sabha took out a victory rally. After that, all of us, including Lalit Meena, went to the local RSS and then the BJP office in Baran, and then back to our homes.”

He added, “The next morning around 6 am, we left for Jaipur and reached a hotel and decided to stay there together, out of our own will. There were three of us from Baran and two from Jhalawar.”

He said around 2.30 am on December 5 some 30-40 people came to the resort asking about Lalit. “I did prevent them but that was only because I did not know any single one of them. If some unknown people come in the middle of the night and made such a demand to take a newly elected MLA away, what answer would I have given to his family the next morning?”

He said, “Around 10-15 minutes later when Lalit’s father turned up, I obviously had no objection and let Lalit go. But the manner in which all of this happened was clearly a conspiracy to malign the MP’s name.”

He said Dushyant Singh was in Delhi because of the Winter Session of Parliament. “You can check his attendance, you can check my mobile phone, I haven’t been in touch with him. I’m ready to undergo a narco test. This is 100% a conspiracy,” he said, adding that in a normal “baadebandi (sequestering)” of MLAs, mobiles are taken away while it wasn’t so in this case.

Amid the developments, Dushyant also took to social media to share images of him speaking in Parliament every day between Monday and Thursday, implying that he has been in Delhi all along.

Raje camp leaders said resort politics with just five MLAs doesn’t make sense and this was indeed a conspiracy since the party had a comfortable margin of 115 where five MLAs can’t enforce any effective change.

Earlier in the day, state BJP president C P Joshi denied there was any sequestering. Arun Singh said, “When the world’s most popular leader honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is leading us, then there is no need for baadebandi for a party worker. The workers consider the party like a mother and so the party office is like a temple for them.”

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