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  • Man shares his ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment as auto-rickshaw driver helps him board train | Trending News

Man shares his ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment as auto-rickshaw driver helps him board train | Trending News

A man has shared his “Peak Bengaluru” experience after an auto-rickshaw driver helped him catch his train, which he had missed, by dropping him to the next station on time.

In a post on X, Adil Husain said a few days ago he had to board the Prasanthi Express train from the Bangalore City railway station at 1.40 pm. Husain said he could start from Marathahalli at 12.50 because of some work commitments. The distance was 17 km and due to traffic, he couldn’t make it on time, he wrote.

When his cab entered the station road, he witnessed curious auto-rickshaw drivers who asked him if he was there to board the Prasanthi Express. They told him it had left but he decided to move to the platform.

Before Husain could reach the platform, he saw on an app that the train had indeed left. He also saw an auto-rickshaw driver who had followed him. The driver told him not to worry as he could help him board the train at the next station, Yelhanka Junction, which was 27 km away.

Even though Husain was sceptical, the driver was confident and asked him to pay him only if he could catch the train. The driver asked Rs 2,500 for the ride for Husain and his friend.

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At that time, it was already 1.50 pm and the train was supposed to reach Yelhanka Junction at 2.20 pm. Husain said he wondered if he booked a flight for the journey but also weighed in that it would cost thrice the fare and his 2AC ticket would go to waste. He said they finally decided to go for it.

The next 25 minutes, they experienced the “most crazy” ride, he said. “The driver zoomed past traffic and took as many shortcuts as possible. He even waved past some of his friends who were in the same pursuit to catch the train for some other passengers like us,” he wrote.

They reached the station comfortably by 2.15 pm, five minutes before the train arrived and Husain said it was an “opportunity in disaster”.

He also said the auto-rickshaw driver waits for people like him who arrive late and are unable to board the train.

Husain said this was his Jab We Met moment, the 2007 film starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan which had a similar scene with the actors taking a cab to catch their train after missing it.

“Thank you for sharing, even it happened to me as well 13 years back, experienced same. Got late due to local strike and missed train at SBC. Train ticket was rs. 500 for my destination and I had to pay rs. 1000 to auto to reach Yelahanka. Thanks to Auto bala,” a user wrote about his own experience.

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