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  • JNU V-C calls PM Modi largest democracy’s tallest spokesperson | Ahmedabad News

JNU V-C calls PM Modi largest democracy’s tallest spokesperson | Ahmedabad News

Maintaining that India is witnessing a societal transformation and a shift towards inclusivity and diversity, Jawaharlal Nehru University Vice-Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit on Friday hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “hold on Indian voters”, for being the “tallest spokesperson for democracy” and his “authenticity”.

Addressing 332 graduating students at the fifth convocation of the Central University of Gujarat (CUG) in Gandhinagar, Pandit said, “What you are expected to build is a holistic nation in 2047 through the Bharatiya narrative… Dream big, you are fortunate to be alive in an era, which defines modern day India… You are in a period where (there is) no elected leader in a democracy today (who) can match the popularity of the Indian Prime Minister.”

“…If authenticity is what some leaders lack even as they seek eternal mandate, PM Modi has it in abundance. That is what adds to the aura of democracy and he has become the world’s largest democracy’s tallest spokesperson. Modi is the stark turn of India’s accelerating global engagement, beguiled by his charismatic leadership and even more of his hold on the Indian voters… he has become a phenomenon…”

Pandit further said, “Much before the Magna Carta, you had Uttaramerur inscription of 800 years, which is from the Cholas. So, when you dream big, dream big like this leader (Modi), all of you might become leaders like him tomorrow… We are no longer rule-shapers, we are rule-makers and you – the youth of today – will be the ones that will reap the benefits of Amritkaal or a Viksit Bharat in 2047.”

Pandit went on to urge the students to embrace the “diverse and inclusive India that Sardar Patel envisioned”. “You are born in a country witnessing not just material developments but also a cultural renaissance. We are becoming more mindful of our culture and history. Remember ‘mother of democracy’ is not just a phrase but a fitting description of India’s contribution to the world. We are seeing a societal transformation in India and a remarkable shift towards inclusivity and diversity.”

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He added: “Once confined to the sidelines, women are leading in various sectors, including the military, business, politics and administration. The clarion call given by our PM… for women’s emancipation and empowerment, and women-led development, is not just about development. This is a paradigm shift and did not happen overnight. Witnessing such progress took almost a decade…”

“It is not the West that has taught us feminism, India is a feminist civilisation. Draupadi is the first feminist… In Gujarat, you celebrate Dussehra and it is the celebration of feminine energy, the victory of the feminine over evil. So, this was a civilisation, which was always feminist,” Pandit said.

CUG Chancellor Hasmukh Adhia, meanwhile, advised students to instill in themselves a sense of nationalism to be successful in life. “Have love for your country. Never talk ill of our country and try to improve it without complaining. Have some sense of nationalism,” he said.

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