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  • Khushi Kapoor in Sridevi’s dress at ‘the Archies’ premiere is proof of her emerging fashion icon status | Fashion News

Khushi Kapoor in Sridevi’s dress at ‘the Archies’ premiere is proof of her emerging fashion icon status | Fashion News

The Archies have been everywhere. And so has its cast. Suhana Khan looked glam queen come alive in her bodycon red dress while Dot wore a magnificent red gown to their premiere at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC). But it was Khushi Kapoor who caught the fancy of the internet. Carrying a piece of her mother, she recycled a champagne gold strapless dress from Sridevi’s closet for her first-ever movie premiere, while also sporting her mother’s jewellery. Sridevi had worn the Kaufman Franco dress to the IIFA awards back in 2013.

This is not the first time Khushi has caught netizens’ attention with her style. Her most recent look at Vogue India’s Forces of Fashion event was a masterclass in gothic fashion, if we may so. And not to mention, the bang opposite of her usual romantic silhouette.

Khushi wore a tuxedo-esque dress from the shelves of Jean Louis Sabaji, with feather like detailing on the inside, miles away from her own and the style of the character she’s portraying in the Archies (Betty)’s style.

Her Dior looks in Paris and the Mumbai show earlier this year were the perfect version of Parisienne chic. But is all of this enough to call her an emerging fashion icon? Designer Renesa Rastogi of Label RCKC Aurum, endeavours to define what constitutes being a fashion icon in Bollywood to understand whether Khushi is one.

“Bollywood’s style maestros like Sonam Kapoor and Ranveer Singh? They don’t just rock fashion; they own it with flair and confidence. Sonam Kapoor, often hailed as the ‘fashionista’ of Bollywood, is recognised for her avant-garde choices that effortlessly blend elegance with experimental flair. Similarly, Ranveer Singh has carved a niche with his bold and eclectic fashion sense, pushing the boundaries of traditional menswear,” she tells in an interaction. Or Rekha, for that matter, who is still the pinnacle of elegance and poise in her Kanjeevaram weaves.

Rastogi believes Khushi’s evolving choices indicate a thoughtful progression in embracing and showcasing her authentic fashion persona.

Shivani Parikh, designer at eponymous label Shivanii, agreed, saying Khushi Kapoor’s style is more unique than her contemporaries. “She has been experimental with her style by sporting many different aesthetics and it definitely does set her apart.”

“With her innovative sense of style, she has already garnered herself as a rising star in the field of fashion industry,” says designer Shilpi Gupta, adding that her social media serves as a mood board with a variety of Gen Z-appropriate options.

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Although, it cannot be denied that for younger stars, with their mammoth PR and beauty teams, it is easier to achieve a fashion footprint, if you will, but it can be just as difficult to break away from that aesthetic. Case in point: Alia Bhatt. Now time shall tell if Khushi will be able to break the mold.

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