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15 Best Arcade Games Never Ported to Consoles

While the boss battles are tremendous, what ensures this game hits a home run is the dedication to the playable roster of characters. Captain Jose, Twinbats Ryno, Beanball Roger, and Stick Straw round out a cast of well-designed figures, each of which boasts their own combos and special moves. It’s fascinating to see the gameplay mechanics in action, with the player’s move set expanding the lower their health becomes. The best way to play is thus on the verge of a game over, upping the ante each time a player pushes through to the next level. The sheer chaos of what’s happening on screen can be overwhelming, but inventive and vividly detailed in its world-building, it’s a genuine shame that Ninja Baseball Bat Man hasn’t been allowed to have a life outside of its arcade origins. 

Mario Kart Arcade GP (2005) arcade

6. Mario Kart Arcade GP (2005)


The Mario Kart Arcade GP series has never been ported to consoles, nor does it quite reflect the traditional setup of the brand. While the premise is largely the same (well-known video game characters are pitted against one another in thrilling and fast-paced races), the roster is notably different.

Alongside the playable characters from the N64 iteration, this arcade variation boasted Namco characters like Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Blinky. The surprise crossover began a wave of other spinoffs in the Arcade GP series, with later sequels including Mametchi from Tamagotchi, Don-Chan from Master of the Drums, and a franchise first appearance from Walguii. Stellar graphics and a wacky control system elevate the Mario Kart experience in this format, and it pays plenty of homage to past releases from the Mario Kart series. This is one for the hardcore fans to hunt down. 

Rave Racer (1995) arcade

5. Rave Racer (1995)


There are few arcade racing games that are quite as important to the history of the genre as Rave Racer. Although it was the third entry into the Ridge Racer saga, it was arguably the greatest. With a refined gameplay system thanks, in part, to the updated hardware, Rave Racer ultimately went bigger and better.

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