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  • 19-yr-old held for threatening ex-girlfriend, her father — just to get money to buy bodybuilding supplements | Delhi News

19-yr-old held for threatening ex-girlfriend, her father — just to get money to buy bodybuilding supplements | Delhi News

A 19-year-old student has been arrested for allegedly trying to extort his ex-girlfriend and her father with her private photographs — all because he had joined a gym recently and needed money to buy protein and body-building supplements, said police.

Police said the accused created a fake ID to harass the woman. The matter came to light after the woman, also aged 19, and her father complained at the Cyber Cell in North Delhi about the harassment. She told police an unknown man was messaging her and her father about her old private photos and demanding they pay Rs 50,000.

As per police, the woman was receiving threatening messages on all her social media accounts. A team led by Inspector Pawan Tomar found she was being harassed for days and initially didn’t tell anyone. But the accused managed to get hold of her father’s number and sent her photos to him on WhatsApp.

“He was pressuring the woman to pay more money. She finally told her family and they came to us. A case was lodged and investigation was taken up. We took details of the Instagram ID and WhatsApp number used by the accused and found the accused had made the social media account in Bihar, but it was being used in Delhi. Continuous surveillance was mounted on all numbers and IP addresses. The accused was located and arrested,” said DCP (North) Manoj Meena.

The fake ID initially led police to a 22-year-old who worked at a furniture shop. He led police to the main accused. The former allegedly conspired with the 19-year-old to create the fake ID and was arrested as well.

Festive offer

During questioning, the main accused revealed he had known the woman since school. In 2020, they started dating.

“We found they had exchanged Instagram passwords. However, after they broke up, he logged into her account and checked her messages. He then found her private photos in the chats and downloaded them… As per our investigation, he sent these photos to his accomplice, who asked him to create a fake account to harass the woman,” added the DCP.

An officer alleged that he initially decided to harass the woman by showing her private photos but he then joined a gym and needed money for supplements.

“He wanted imported protein powder and body-building supplements which cost Rs 10,000-Rs 12,000 per box/ packet. He started threatening the woman. She didn’t pay heed, so he contacted her father with her private pictures. The mobile phones of both accused persons have been seized and we recovered the private photos… they were in a hidden folder in the 19-year-old’s phone gallery. The fake Instagram ID was found in the ID logs of the app installed on the other accused’s phone,” said the officer.

The teen confessed to his involvement and said he had taken a SIM card from a friend to evade arrest. He lives with his father.

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